MLB Players Union pitches a 114 game schedule that would run June 30 to October 31, and playoffs beyond that…on board?

-Players pitched it to the owners, in a schedule that would feature many double-headers, and possibly an expanded playoff that goes maybe into December. Is that feasible?

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-When will all of Nebrasketball’s out of country players make it back on campus?

-What is Matt Abdelmassih going to do this summer to evaluate recruits and try to get players for the future?

-What happens now for Nebrasketball in general over the next few months?

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We could be headed for the most bizarre sports seasons ahead for all sports for a variety of reasons

-People are going to be jacked about sports coming back, and it might be a ton of sports all at once. Very exciting! However…with what’s happened in the past week with the George Floyd murder, you’re going to have a lot more kneeling and different things done before games (ex. Colin Kaepernick) that will bother some people, but be OK with more than it was before

-How will Nebraska fans respond if they see a bunch of players kneeling this year for the anthem? Will it be understood and accepted more because of what’s happened or still be frowned upon?

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Desean Jackson says that if there are no fans at games for NFL, the players should be miked up…

-How cool would that be? Can you put a delay on live action? It will be hard to monitor all the profanity that would be out there. But broadcasts could pick and choose what audio to play, of course

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Kaz coached many years in college football…as we see an ongoing protesting from African-Americans in the wake of the George Floyd murder and other mistreatment…did he ever see division in races in locker rooms on teams at all?

-If there are no fans in stands or limited fans in stands, would there be value in putting mics on players for more sound and content?

-How confident are you that Scott Frost’s team can truly gain unity ahead of season 3 with what’s going on?

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Scott Frost likes the way his team has operated since COVID affected spring football and that he’s seeing leaders developed…will that be apparent when we see football return?

-Scott Frost’s teams have been underwhelming so far, with a 9-15 record in his time with the program. But he told Sip on Friday that he is impressed with what he’s heard of the players doing away from the facilities the past few month, and that leaders are developing

-This is obviously something you’d hope to see in the third year of a head coach—that his team would start to show they are building something, and getting over the issues from previous regime(s). Are you optimistic that this will be evident when (if) there are games this Fall?

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Bo Pelini was the topic of a Sports Illustrated article

Is there a place for Pelini as an FBS head coach?

Will he succeed before Nebraska does?

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CBS ranked college football coaches. Where did Frost land?/Shut up Sipple

-Where did Frost land?

-How did the rest of the BIG10 look on the list?

-Shut-up Sipple (Film Friday)

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What side of the ball would you rather see carry a team?

-How does the offense being linked to Frost changed the dynamic of things

-How hot is Eric Chinander’s seat

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Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next on Rick’s top 52 albums of all time? And will Sip answer the questions correctly?

An ESPN article gets feedback from coaches, players, and recruits about the potential one-time transfer policy, and it’s mostly supportive

-Nick Saban was among the people that was asked about his thoughts on it and he said that Alabama is already pretty much a 3-year school with all the guys who leave early, but they’ll sure as heck recruit well off of other teams if this is the way it goes. The rich will get richer.

-Several current players and upcoming recruits also are in support of the idea…this could make recruiting tough for coaches in trying to determine what players will stick around and which won’t

Nebrasketball gets Kobe King from Wisconsin

Jake and Bock discuss what this could mean for next season’s team.