RIP to Jack Stoll’s mullet…will we ever see anything like it ever again?

-Stoll greeted media on Monday with no mullet, after saying before the season he wouldn’t shave it until Nebraska lost. Well, it’s gone now. Will we ever see something like that ever again? Did Sip ever have a mullet back when they were a thing?


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The Drive: August 21st, 2pm

  • Jack Stoll corner
  • Nebrasketball corner
  • The XFL has their new team names

6:25 – Brenden Jaimes doesn’t understand where the hype for this year’s team is coming from….do his teammates agree?

-Jaimes met with some reporters in the hallway and said that he said that he’s not sure why Nebraska is seen as the favorite in the West after two straight 4-8 seasons, and also with him never even seeing a bowl game before. He also made an interesting comment about what other players on the team are saying about the hype…

-Jack Stoll mentioned that he wants to win a Big Ten title ring, which is great, but we’ve discussed this a lot in the offseason; how does the team make sure they stay focused and don’t buy into the hype?


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