DP & Stephens: May 20th, 1:25pm – Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

  • Mitch Sherman of the Athletic joins the guys to talk Nebraska football and their trip to Dublin in 2022

DP & Stephens: May 20th, 11am – Nebraska Football to Ireland in 2022

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  • Dublin, Ireland
  • DP is scared of heights

Do you still believe that Scott Frost and Mario Verduzco can develop elite-level QBs at Nebraska?

-Frost has a history of development with Marcus Mariota, Vernon Adams, and McKenzie Milton, all who had great years under him. Adrian Martinez had that kind of hype after his first season, before things went wrong with injuries and depleted talent levels, and possibly a loss of confidence in himself.

-Development is the word again. Can you still have an elite QB without elite WRs? If you look at Oregon, it’s not like their WRs went on to have a ton of NFL success. For UCF, they had some players go pro. Can a QB — whether it’s Martinez or someone else — still be elite under their guidance or is something off?

Sip and Parker had a chat with Bill Moos on Friday…what did they learn?

-Moos mentioned that he’d like to have fans at baseball and softball games, but the B1G may not allow that still…and we still have no baseball schedule, anyways…

-What else did we learn from Moos?

It looks like the Ireland game isn’t going to happen…will Nebraska get that opportunity again?

-Sip would have been going to the game to cover it… Was he looking forward to that or dreading the long trip and time change?

-Jake hadn’t made plans to go yet but was very interested in doing so…how many listeners were you planning to go? Will Nebraska get this chance again ever? And were you excited about it or not?

Scott Frost addressed the media yesterday on a variety of topics…what stood out?

-Frost readdress the 2021 recruiting class, Talked about Omar Manning, and discussed the idea of adding a transfer QB after spring ball, and more

-What else did we learn? What caught you by surprise, if anything, and where do things go from here?