The Drive: March 30th, 2:45pm – The owners of the World Largest Truck Stop donated $10 million to the Iowa Athletic Dept

  • How are they that rich?
  • Is there something I am missing?

DP & Stephens: Jaylen Reyes (Husker Volleyball)

Husker Volleyball Assistant Coach Jaylen Reyes joins the show ahead of the Husker’s matches against Michigan.

  • Nebraska is coming off a win against Iowa.
  • It’s another big week for all the girls, but especially Lexi Sun.
  • Who are a couple players who aren’t getting enough recognition?

The Drive: March 22nd, 5:30pm – Creighton Basketball is playing

Creighton is playing Ohio right now.

Iowa looked really, really bad — Luka Garza cried.

DP & Stephens: Evan Bland (Omaha World Herald)

Evan Bland of the OWH joins the show.

  • Nebraska Baseball travels to Iowa for a three-game series.
  • Husker Baseball in the NCAA tournament with no Big Ten Tournament?
  • Husker Football update, Logan Smothers discussion, and more.

The Drive: March 5th, 2pm – Here we are on a Friday and I’d like to talk about my disdain for Luka Garza and the Iowa basketball team

  • That was garbage
  • Is Luka Garza actually Frankenstein? He just lumbers around
  • For Nebrasketball, yeah, it was disappointing

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-Husker baseball starts tomorrow…how do we assess expectations for this team?

-State basketball is going on with a good amount of fans in stands..starting to feel more normal?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Alabama AD Greg Byrne says he is expecting to be able to have full crowds this Fall for athletic events…are you as optimistic? What is it going to look like in the B1G?

-Can you get yourself interested in FCS Spring Football or is something you’re not interested in?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-Nebrasketball is back tonight against Iowa, riding a 2 game win streak…can they compete for 40 minutes against a Top 5 team on the road?

-Teddy Allen is gone from the roster…thoughts on his departure and what Nebraska will look like going forward

-What should expectations be for next year for Nebrasketball?

Nebrasketball takes on Iowa tonight on the road…can they keep their magic going?

-The Huskers have won 2 straight, and now have their 2nd game upcoming since Teddy Allen’s departure from the team

-It’s Iowa’s senior night, and they just got done pummeling Ohio State last week…will they beat down Nebraska or get a good game?

Alabama says they plan on having full capacity for stadiums in the Fall for football and other sports…will Nebraska have that opportunity?

-Alabama AD Greg Byrne confirmed a university report that the Crimson Tide, while monitoring medical guidelines, intend to have full capacity for sporting events in the Fall

-This started with Alabama announcing they intend to get back to all things in-person instruction, while also focusing on the sports element of it, too

-Will the Big Ten allow Nebraska to make their own decisions or not?

DP & Stephens: Former Husker Terrance Badgett

Former Husker Terrance Badgett joins the show to discuss the Husker Basketball Program.

Fred Hoiberg and his guys take on #5 Iowa tomorrow night in Iowa City.

The Recruiting Hour: February 16th – Sean Bock (Iowa 247)

  • Baseball talk
  • Nebraska players who are being recruited by Iowa