The Drive: February 8th, 5:25pm – Matt Campbell gets an extension

  • Iowa State is out here making moves and keeping their good coach
  • Nebraska makes some hires

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Cam Taylor-Britt and JoJo Domann announced they are returning to Nebraska next much does that change the outlook for the defense?

-How soon can Nebraska achieve success that similar programs like lowa State and Northwestern had this year?

-Do you think the B1G will do away with divisions at some point in the near future?

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Can Ohio State beat Alabama in the national championship? Were you surprised they beat Clemson?

-Notre Dame made the playoffs, but was blasted again…how close are they to actually having a chance to win a playoff game?

-Why are Iowa State and Northwestern winning at impressive levels?

Iowa State and Northwestern finish off their strong seasons with resounding triumphs over Power 5 teams…why can’t Nebraska keep up with them?

-On one hand, the success of the Cyclones and Wildcats makes you believe that if they can have that type of success, then why can’t Nebraska? We believed Scott Frost was an upper-echelon coach coming to Nebraska, but it hasn’t seemed that way so far

-Northwestern’s key to success is continuity, and look at what their 5th year senior class delivered for wins and accolades—wow. And for Iowa State? Matt Campbell’s first year was 3-9 at a program that struggled perennially. Since then? 4 bowl appearances and only one season below 8 wins (7 in 2019)…this year was certainly the growth year, though

If Jim Harbaugh leaves/gets fired at Michigan…would Iowa State’s Matt Campbell be their top candidate?

-It happened! Nebraska lands a 5-star in Bryce McGowens…is this a program-changing get, and if so, how?

-Keisei Tominaga has been described as the ‘Japanese Steph Curry’…are you all in???

-Update on status of fans for the Golden Window Tournament and B1G schedule…?

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-We thought it was Clemson and Notre Dame in the ACC…how much of a chance does Miami have this weekend against Clemson, though?

-How long can Matt Campbell stay at Iowa State and fend off bigger programs or the NFL?

-How important is it for Nebraska to keep in-state talent from going to other programs?

DP & Stephens: Iowa and Iowa State

DP and Tom discuss some of the issues at Iowa and Iowa state.

The Drive: April 3rd, 3pm

  • Honestly, I kind of do feel bad for Iowa State
  • What is next for our lord and savior Bill Moos?
  • What’s Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)