The Drive: July 11th, 4pm

  • Lets take a look at our good friends to the east, the Iowa Hawkeyes
  • RED ALERT: Bubba Starling got the call to The Show
  • Curter has to watch “Friday Night Lights” OR ELSE

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • Nebraska gets Nick Henrich and Mosai Newsome to the class…how important was it to get Heinrich, and what do we expect from guys like Chris Hickman now?
  • Also, Newsome—he’s a kid from eastern Iowa and had an offer from Iowa, but went to Nebraska instead…is that a major eye-opener for the Hawkeyes?
  • Do you expect any more commitments to come as we get to Fall camp next week? Is this surprising with the timing of these guys at all?

More conversation about Black Friday at B1G Media Days, about Nebraska/Iowa…do Husker fans believe they’ll begin dominating Iowa because of Frost or will it still be back-and-forth?

  • Let’s face it…Nebraska fans have been beaten down by bad years, but all of a sudden their egos are through the roof because of Scott Frost’s return. But let’s keep the ego out of it (if possible) for a second and think about this; will this rivalry always be back-and-forth, or will Frost make a massive deal about the Iowa game and make sure they rarely ever lose it again, and also rarely lose players from the state to them?

May 2nd: The Patriots were reportedly prepared to trade up to No. 2 in the draft to take Baker Mayfield…would he have excelled there?

-First off, do you buy the report, which came from Mayfield’s agent? Is he actually the best QB in the draft or not?

May 2nd: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Why has Nebraska fared so poorly in the past few NFL Drafts? Was development really that poor?

-What’s a proper expectation for yearly goals of amount of players drafted and how often should you have a first round pick?

-Thoughts on Nebraska’s O/U being at 5.5 wins by one Vegas Sportsbook…

May 2nd: Iowa coaches and broadcasters are having a heyday in mocking Nebraska football—how bothered are you, if it all?

May 2nd: Let’s do the same exercise yesterday with Husker Football, but now with LeBron and the Cavs; gun to your head, do you really pick against The King in the series against Toronto?

-Yesterday, both Sip and Jake said that if they absolutely HAD to hit on a bet for Nebraska’s 5.5 O/U bet, they’d both take the ‘over,’ but not comfortably by any means…what about the Cavs and their chances against Toronto? What a win last night on the road for Cleveland!


May 2nd: Iowa coaches and broadcasters are having a heyday in mocking Nebraska football—how bothered are you, if it all?

-Kirk Ferentz, PBP voice Gary Dolphin and others were in Council Bluffs last night at a speaking engagement and had several comments about Nebraska and how Iowa has won 4 of the last 5 matchups between the 2 schools

-It still feels like Iowa hates Nebraska and definitely cares more about the game…will Scott Frost make the Iowa game more important than it’s felt recently to the team and fans?

May 2nd: What newcomers that we haven’t seen yet might have the best chance of playing in 2018?

-The remainder of the incoming freshmen will come in late May, and there are several guys that stand out in the class….what guys might have a chance at playing right away?

Happer & Stephens: November 20th, 1pm

  • Preliminary thoughts on Iowa?
  • Nebrasketball plays their best game of the season and beats North Dakota 92-70