DP & Stephens: Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

Mitch Sherman of the Athletic joins the show to discuss the Husker Football program.

DP & Stephens: Wing Man

It’s time for Wing Man.

Trivia Thursday — Husker Baseball. Happer is here to help you.

DP & Stephens: Husker Baseball Discussion

Husker Baseball is projected to make the tournament — in the Arkansas regional.

Will Bolt spoke on Wednesday, let’s take a dive at what he had to say.

DP & Stephens: Beer in stands??

The paperwork has been filed for the taps to be installed in Memorial Stadium!


The Drive: May 12th, 5:45pm – Rico in for a few minutes

  • 4 letter name co-hosts
  • LeBron makes it hard to root for him sometimes

The Drive: May 12th, 5:25pm – Texters bring up good points

  • Hard to believe in the team when they can’t do things that high schoolers can do
  • What about the ENTIRE defense for the following year?
  • 2022 starting QB on the roster?

The Drive: May 12th, 5pm – How much of this coaching staffs credibility lies in the success of Adrian Martinez and Cam Jurgens?

  • They told us from day one that they were going to be special
  • And specifically with Jurgens, nobody thought that and they told us that.
  • What if he turns out to be special?

The Drive: May 12th, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box

  • Guess Movie, Win Nifty Gifty
  • Rico Movie Wednesday

The Drive: May 12th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Could Nebraska start 3-0? What about Illinois??
  • Nebraska Baseball, where are they sitting when it comes to the NCAA Tournament?
  • Will you leave the A’s if they leave Oakland?

The Drive: May 12th, 4pm – What are the chances Nebraska starts 3-0?

  • Looking at the numbers – and then the whole season
  • Why are we so scared of Illinois?

The Drive: May 12th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Hi Rico, can you keep Happer company for a segment?

The Drive: May 12th, 3:25pm – It’s time to seriously discuss my divorce/annulment

  • Let’s look in the transfer portal real quick…
  • The Royals haven’t won a game since Happer got married… which’s not good