Early Break: Nebraska Basketball

  • What does the future look like for Nebraska
  • Tim Miles hot seat?
  • No more sadness… for now

Early Break: Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Nebraska appears to have found (at least for the moment) their shooting touch, making 10 3s in a 19-point loss at Purdue..will it be sustained in next 2 home games against Minnesota and Northwestern? Do you expect Nebraska to win those games?
  • What would have to happen at this point for Tim Miles to save his job? Is the nail in the coffin?
  • Thoughts on Thor’s performance in the starting lineup

Early Break: It’s time for fans to come back down to Earth in a potential coaching change

  • Nebraska might be a top 50 coaching spot
  • Stadium’s Jeff Goodman wrote about the Big 10 jobs back in October, and put Nebraska at 9th in the B1G alone
  • Former Nebrasketball shooting guard Cary Cochran joined ‘Early Break’ last week and told Sip & Jake that national analysts view Nebrasketball as a Top 50 job at best in the nation.

Early Break: Nebraska basketball predictions

  • Huskers vs Boilermakers
    • How ugly will it get?
  • Stanley Morgan will be at the NFL Combine

Early Break: Caller weighs in on Nebrasketball

  • Nebraska basketball coaching search
    • Who’s the best option for the Huskers
  • shut up sipple

Early Break: Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Is Nebrasketball going to win another game this season? If so, when?
  • Is there any value in firing Tim Miles midseason and letting an assistant get the interim job and try and get the spark back in the team?
  • What has happened to this team’s ability to make shots at the rim

Early Break: Is Nebraska Basketball going to win again?

  • Forget the NCAA Tournament, can this team even make NIT
  • Tanner Borchardt was the lone star for the Huskers and deserves recognition for his performance
  • Can they win again?

Early Break: What is the ceiling for Husker basketball?

  • Tim Miles says tomorrow is the beginning of the second season, what does that mean for this team?
  • What can this team achieve without Copeland and on a downfall
  • Can Thor continue to step-up?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • Is a Tim Miles firing inevitable for Nebrasketball?
  • Can you believe how quickly this season spiraled out of control for how solid the first 17 games were?
  • How many wins remain on the schedule for the Husker basketball team?
  • Has the house of cards officially crumbled for Tim?

Nebrasketball/ Wisconsin recap

  • The Doom and gloom continues for Nebraska
  • Can the skid end at Illinois?
  • How hot is Tim’s seat?

Does Nebraska get the win over the visiting Badgers tonight or does the losing streak continue?

  • The ‘invincibility’ factor is gone at home with 2 straight losses, but it’s still a hard place for teams to play at Nebraska
  • on Monday opened (somehow) as 2-point favorites against Wisconsin
    • is this the game the season turns around or more of the same of the past 3 games?

Tim Miles usually performs his best with his back against the wall…will his bench come through for him in panic mode?

  • Nebraska is staring a potential long losing streak in the face if they don’t win tonight against Wisconsin or on Saturday at Illinois, and that would be a disaster. NCAA Tournament projections are still in favor of the Huskers (CBS’ Jerry Palm still had Nebraska as a 10-seed Monday), so the season still has hope if Miles can get something clicking. Can the bench be better than it was on Saturday now that it will be called upon more with Isaac Copeland out for year?
  • There is some belief by people out there that Brady Heiman is a good shooter and could (eventually) actually be a 3-point threat. We’ve definitely seen tall players succeed with the long shot both at Nebraska and at other programs nationally….do you (gulp) have Heiman shoot more 3s for a spark?