Aging Gracefully (sponsored by Carriage Glen Independent Living 55+)

-What’s on Sip’s mind this week in learning how to age gracefully?

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2-minute drill: Weekend plans?

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A surprise visitor to the studio…Hot Take makes a glorious return! / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels and Joe)

-Jake and Sip are surprised in studio by an appearance by former beloved producer/intern Hot Take Ayers…what’s he up to in the real world?

-Hot Take’s best memories from his time on ‘Early Break’…

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Early Break: Hot Take’s last hurrah—a proper send-off for our jubilant young produce

  • We have dreaded this day for weeks, but it’s finally here—our young son must head out into the world and work at a camp this summer, and then find something beyond that. We wish he wouldn’t leave, but wish him the best
  • What are Hot Take’s best memories of his time with the show?

Early Break: Hot Take gets his first and last song of the day

  • HOT TAKE’S SONG OF THE DAY… of course it’s Adele
  • How did the texters react?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • Hot Take on Avalanche Game 7 and tonight’s Nuggets/Blazers Game 6
  • show wrap-up

Early Break: MAILBAGGGG!!!!! Your questions, our answers

  • It’s the final appearance for Hot Take—send your emails to
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:

Early Break: The world gets a happy Hot Take after a big Nuggets win

  • Sip has the yips in the drive-thru, he needs help
  • The Nuggets were able to get a big time win over the Blazers in game 5 at home and Hot Take couldn’t be more happy

Early Break: Hot Take enters the studio to talk about whatever random thing comes up

  • 3 more days of Hot Take after today….let’s make sure we go out with a bang
  • Hot Take worked on his “See ya”

Early Break: Show wrap-up with Hot Take: Did he survive graduation weekend, and what’s his status with the Nuggets?

  • Jake showed up to Hot Take’s graduation party as the hero—Sip must explain himself for the no-show. Does Hot Take remember any of the rest of the night? Also—thoughts on Nuggets/Blazers Game 4

Early Break: Hot Take graduates TOMORROW… Sip and Jake try to give him good advice

  • Our young son will don the hat and tassel tomorrow and graduate to the real world, is he ready for it?
  • Listeners and Sip/Jake give life advice for Hot Take upon his graduation

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated) part 3

  • Thoughts on Hot Take’s Nuggets losing game two against the blazers
  • The feud continues between Sip and Hot Take

Early Break: Hot Takes and Sipple’s feud continues

  • Sip continues to give Hot Take a hard time and Hot Take strikes back
  • Hot Take gives show grades.