Early Break: Was Tim Miles treated fairly in all of this?

  • Did Moos make the right decision for waiting
    • Is Tim going to stay
  • With Hank Bounds being fired, does that throw

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/ Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • How should Moos handle the news leaking
  • Who is responsible for the news getting out in the media.
  • What comes next in all of this?

Early Break: What’s our timeline for Nebrasketball this week?

  • How is this all going to go down? When will we know answers on Miles and his possible replacement
  • Is there any reason for legit concern about it not being Hoiberg? Money is going to talk a lot

Early Break: Nebrasketball falls to TCU

  • The season comes to an end after a disappointing night in Fort Worth.
  • This could be the end of the road for Tim Miles
  • Is Hoiberg going to be the next head coach for the Huskers?

Early Break: Tim Miles discussion

  • Is Tim Miles job security still low?
  • Who’s the coach of the future?
  • How has Miles handled all of this?

Early Break: Nebrasketball lives to see another day

  • Huskers beat Rutgers after ending game on a run
  • Johnny Trueblood continues to step up off the bench
  • James Palmer Jr has a huge game
  • Tim Miles gets another day on the job

Early Break: Is there any benefit for bringing Tim Miles back?

  • Does his recruiting skills outweigh the struggles he’s seen this year with production from current players?
  • How turned of would you be if he came back next season?
    • Would you lose trust in Bill Moos?

Early Break: Nebraska Basketball lays a stinker against Michigan

  • A game that was ugly from start to finish, the team showed no heart last night
  • Palmer, Roby and Allen were benched to start the second half
    • Roby continues his roller coaster ride of a season
  • Tim Miles retention rate has hit an all time low.

Early Break: Coaching Search for Basketball

  • Financially, what should Nebraska invest for a head coach
    • Do they go all in, for a big name coach?
  • Are big name coaches interested in this job?

Early Break: More on Husker Hoops

  • What’s to come for the Nebraska basketball team
  • Does Tim have a remote chance to keep his job
  • We take calls from the listeners

Early Break: Tim Miles Apology

  • Miles apologized for his millionaire comments
  • Sip talks about journalism
  • How does this effect the team?

Early Break: Are we sure that Fred Hoiberg is a ‘pie in the sky’ dream for Nebrasketball?

  • It’s time to take a deeper dive into what people tried to play off as a possibility when (if) Nebrasketball moves on from Tim Miles after this season. Is part of the reason of why people think it’s not possible is because of national hoops analysts asking who could do a better job that Miles has done? That’s foolish.
  • Sorensen would love nothing more than to get a big fish like Hoiberg or someone else so that all these national guys would eat crow for thinking this place could never do better. It would be glorious crow
  • Both Sip and Jake have had sources saying there might be interest from Hoiberg. Is it as crazy to think he might be a candidate than previously thought?