Early Break: Coaching Search for Basketball

  • Financially, what should Nebraska invest for a head coach
    • Do they go all in, for a big name coach?
  • Are big name coaches interested in this job?

Early Break: More on Husker Hoops

  • What’s to come for the Nebraska basketball team
  • Does Tim have a remote chance to keep his job
  • We take calls from the listeners

Early Break: Tim Miles Apology

  • Miles apologized for his millionaire comments
  • Sip talks about journalism
  • How does this effect the team?

Early Break: Are we sure that Fred Hoiberg is a ‘pie in the sky’ dream for Nebrasketball?

  • It’s time to take a deeper dive into what people tried to play off as a possibility when (if) Nebrasketball moves on from Tim Miles after this season. Is part of the reason of why people think it’s not possible is because of national hoops analysts asking who could do a better job that Miles has done? That’s foolish.
  • Sorensen would love nothing more than to get a big fish like Hoiberg or someone else so that all these national guys would eat crow for thinking this place could never do better. It would be glorious crow
  • Both Sip and Jake have had sources saying there might be interest from Hoiberg. Is it as crazy to think he might be a candidate than previously thought?

Early Break: More recap from the disappointing loss against Penn State

  • It was a horrible performance
  • No passion
  • Greg from Myrtle Beach drops the mic in a phone call

Early Break: Tim Miles interview with Jeff Goodman

  • The guys discuss Tim Miles interview with Jeff Goodman
    • What are your thoughts on his quotes?
  • Does the interview make you respect Tim more?

Early Break: Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

  • Thoughts on Tim Miles’ appearance yesterday on Jeff Goodman’s Good N Plenty podcast…
  • Nebraska has been more defense-focused the past few games….can they continue to win that way against better competition in the season’s final 4 games after tonight?
  • Is the NCAA Tournament still in play? What do you expect for a record over final 5 reg. season games

Early Break: How confident are you that Nebrasketball gets the win over Penn State tonight?

  • Nebraska is still on the outside looking in, but can help their cause with a win tonight at Penn State. The Nittany Lions have a terrible record, but just beat Michigan at home last week, and have talented players in Lamar Stevens, Josh Reaves, and more
  • Can Nebrasketball’s defensive formula get a win in Happy Valley tonight? If they lose tonight, do they win any games the rest of year? And if they win, how many more wins do they get before B1G Tourney?
  • Miles audio from post-practice Monday

Early Break: At what point would the Tim Miles discussion get back to being awkward, and how awkward would it be?

  • Nothing seemed awkward when Nebraska was riding a 7-game losing streak in what was supposed to be an easy stretch of play, as it seemed inevitable that Tim Miles would be fired at the end of the year.
    • That’s still a strong possibility, but what happens if the team goes on a run after Wednesday’s defeat of Minnesota?
  • Northwestern isn’t a terribly tough game tomorrow, and Penn State will be a test, but not unbeatable the following game. -What will it take for the conversation to get awkward again about whether or not Miles is fired?

Early Break: Nebraska Basketball

  • What does the future look like for Nebraska
  • Tim Miles hot seat?
  • No more sadness… for now

Early Break: Nebrasketball wins finally

  • Did Nebraska ends their 7 game skid
  • Pitino angry
    • does he have a point
  • Can the Huskers actually turn it around

Early Break: Husker head coach talk

  • Give Jake Thad Matta or give him death
    • 24-13 in NCAA tournament
  • Is this the coach Husker fans want?
  • Is Matta a better option than Hoiberg, Lue or Marshall?