Early Break: Fred Hoiberg appeared on local radio last night…what did we learn?

  • We did learn on Thursday that Cameron Mack, the 2nd ranked player in the JUCO ranks, will come to Nebraska for a visit—-always a good sign. Also, Donovan Williams tears his ACL—NOT a good sign
  • Other news/nuggets from Hoiberg on Sports Nightly..

Early Break: Fred Hoiberg makes another appearance on national radio with Doug Gottlieb

  • Scott Frost went on a lot of national radio when he was hired at Nebraska, and Tim Miles did eventually after he had success at Nebraska…but it took him having success for people to want to talk to them. He wasn’t a ‘big get’ for radio when he was hired, and that shows where Nebraska is in present-day
  • Hoiberg discussed how he got Doc to come back, his thoughts on Nebraska’s chances to create something special, and more. Play the hits!

Early Break: Which program will recruit at a higher level going forward at Nebraska: football or men’s basketball?

  • Is this as easy of an answer as you think it should be? The easy answer is Scott Frost; look what he’s done already with guys like Adrian Martinez in elevating his play since he got here, and other guys. But can Frost consistently land a ton of 4 and 5 star guys? Maybe, but that’s tough
  • Basketball, as we know, is nowhere near the same prestige level of football. But……they ARE now paying their assistants a lot of money, including the 2nd and 5th highest paid assistants in the conference (Matt Abdelmassih, Doc Sadler)….which makes you expect more in recruiting. Will they ever get higher classes than what football gets? Interesting conversation.

Early Break: Fred Hoiberg gets Jervay Green to stay committed to Nebraska…what’s next for Nebrasketball? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Green announced on Twitter on Sunday that he’s staying with Nebraska, fending off Kansas, Oregon, and other schools for his services
  • There were other players at the Spring Game for hoops on Saturday, and it must have been cool to see Fred Hoiberg throwing the bones on the field…will there be any more buzz to follow?

Early Break: Fred Hoiberg discusses his main goals for year 1 at Nebraska…what are yours for him? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Hoiberg joined the Jon Rothstein podcast and said that his goal this year is to implement a style of offense that is fun to watch but also wins games, but also wants to create a culture that guys want to be in all the time to improve their games
  • More audio from Hoiberg…but what’s your goal for him? Can you put a record goal for him in year 1?

Early Break: So this Doc Sadler thing is going to happen..

  • Think about how crazy that is—Sadler was fired by Nebraska in 2012, yet he resigns from his head coaching position yesterday at Southern Miss—where he won 20 games this year—to likely come back to Nebraska and be an assistant coach. When does that happen anywhere, ever?!
  • Also, Fred Hoiberg confirmed on the Jon Rothstein podcast (we have audio) that he is retaining Armon Gates and has Bobby Lutz on the staff in some regard
  • Who will get bigger cheers at basketball games…Hoiberg or Sadler?

Early Break: Is Doc Sadler heading back to Lincoln to be Fred Hoiberg’s bench coach?

  • Sadler, currently the head coach at Southern Miss, had been rumored for a while to be a potential candidate to join Hoiberg’s staff, but hadn’t really been involved until recently, apparently. Also, it sounds like Jim Molinari and Armon Gates are both very much still possibilities to stay on staff
  • Is any part of you concerned about there maybe not being as much interest from assistants out there in this job? The salary pool is bigger, and Hoiberg is considered a ‘splash’ hire…so what’s taking so long to get the staff rounded out, and why doesn’t it seem like there is more interest out there?

Early Break: Is Bill Moos’ tenure viewed as a success no matter what happens going forward? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Even if Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg (somehow) fail, they were viewed by everyone locally and nationally as the ‘home run hires’…so if they were to fail, is that Moos’ fault? Hasn’t he already basically cemented his legacy at Nebraska with his 2 main hires?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: it’s 2 different sports….but can Fred Hoiberg have the same type of success that Dave Van Horn had in his few years here?

  • Van Horn coached Nebraska baseball from 1998-2002 and got Nebraska to the College World Series in 2001, after being on the brink of it in 2000, after the Huskers ended an average tenure before he arrived….but Van Horn changed the culture quickly and turned the program into a quick winner
  • Is it fair to expect a same quick rise in basketball? Texas Tech proved it’s possible..do fans/people believe it’s actually possible for Nebraska…and can baseball get that good again?Early Break: it’s 2 different sports….but can Fred Hoiberg have the same type of success that Dave Van Horn had in his few years here?

Early Break: Speaking of Fred Hoiberg, the numbers of his salary were released over the weekend

  • If Hoiberg were to leave after this first season for another Division 1 coaching job, he’d owe Nebraska $11.5 million; $10.25 million after 2 years; $8.75 million after 3 years; $7 million after 4 years; $5.25 million after 5 years; and nothing after 6 or 7 years
  • If he were to leave for the NBA, it’s not as bad: $2.5 million owed to Nebraska if he left after one year; $2 million after 2 years; $1.5 million after 3 years; $500,000 after 4 years; $250,000 after 5 years; and nothing after 6 or 7 years

Early Break: Cary Cochran (Former Husker shooting guard)

  • Is Cary surprised by the response of the players on the coaching upgrade?
  • Thoughts on Hoiberg’s press conference, what should we expect during this recruiting cycle

Early Break: Attrition always happens in coaching changes, are you surprised by responses by recruits and players with Hoiberg?

  • Jervay Green decision is coming soon, but he is also considering Kansas and Oregon as well.
  • What does the state of Nebraska basketball recruiting look like?
  • What are expectations for Hoiberg?