The Drive: April 26th, 5:45pm – Ending the show

  • Happer is upset with the weather
  • It’s to hot for him

What a fun weekend it was for college football…offenses were booming and big wins were had

-Does the SEC play defense anymore? LSU had another hideous defensive performance in a loss against Missouri (Hey, Bo!); Alabama and Ole Miss are still scoring points at the moment, and Sip’s boy JIMBO got a big, big win against Dan Mullen, who wants 90,000 fans in the stands next week at home!

-Also, Clemson takes care of Miami, Mike Leach has lost his offense already, an EPIC Red River Rivalry ends in an Oklahoma win, and how about Kansas State and Iowa State…the teams to beat in Big 12?

-Other takeaways from the weekend…

What will the recently announced basketball Multiple Team Event in Lincoln look like?

-Yesterday, it was announced Lincoln would be home to college basketball MTE including LSU, Northern Illinois, Illinois State and Cleveland State.

-Will the Heat comeback from down 3-1?

NBA Finals Game 1 tonight with Heat/Lakers….will you be watching?

-The Lakers are heavy favorites to win the series, which makes sense since they are the 1 seed in the West and the Heat are the 5 seed in the East

-The Lakers are 5-point favorites tonight…will they start the series with a win? Will Sip and Jake watch?

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Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): Full Hour

-Did it feel close to normal on Saturday with the SEC back in action? How can you not like Mike Leach?

-SEC teams all had fans in the stands, in a limited capacity. Will the B1G change their stance at all as football returns in less than a month?

-How would Nebraska assess that and decide who could go to a game if they were able to have 30,000 people or so?

-The Big 12 appears to be dead already for the playoff. Oklahoma is done with a terrible blown game to Kansas State, and although Texas won, they look prime for a few losses. Some things never change!

-Do we know who is good at all in college football yet besides the obvious of Clemson and ‘Bama?

-Bears were 2-0 going into Week 3…how is Nicole feeling about them and (her new team) the Bucs? Are the Bills the best team in the league?!

-Watching the NBA Playoffs? Lakers are in the Finals…will the Heat make their way there tonight?

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Iowa’s Gary Barta might have given hope to those who are wishing to go to a Big Ten football game in 2020

-The Iowa AD spoke to reporters yesterday and said that the first few games would be played without fans at Iowa, and then they’d see what happens after that. Doesn’t sound as strict as what Sandy Barbour said on Wednesday regarding the plan for attendance in the Big Ten for the season

-Are we once again just looking at a fluid situation for things in the Big Ten? Regarding everything—the 21 day policy, the 5% of population rule…is there any chance that the next month could provide changes in those regards? What is concrete and what can be worked with?

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DP & Stephens: NBA Talk

DP and Tom jump into some NBA talk after last nights wild finish in game seven between the Nuggets and Jazz.