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The Hall of Fame induction this weekend made Jake have a crazy realization / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-The big name to get inducted was Peyton Manning, but there was a lot of buzz for Calvin Johnson, too…which made Jake think this:

-Is it possible that the best RB and best WR in league history both played…for the same worst NFL franchise? Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson with the Lions

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We’re through a full week and more of Fall Camp…what are the initial takeaways or concerns so far?

-Scott Frost talked on Friday and gave updates on camp so far, saying that Markese Stepp has been ahead of schedule so far and also complimenting Gabe Ervin

-What are the other takeaways so far? Still don’t have a reliable or ready backup QB yet…

-What’s the mood of the team through the early portion so far?

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3 former Husker volleyball players capture Olympic gold for Team USA

-Jordan Larson delivered match point for Team USA, with Justine Wong-Orantes and Kelsey Robinson also on the team for USA’s sweep of Brazil

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden passes away at age 91—a longtime admirer of Nebraska football

-Bowden had been diagnosed with a terminal illness in recent months, and passed away over the weekend with family near his side

-He wrote a letter in 1980 to Nebraska when Florida State upset the Huskers in Lincoln, and wrote of his admiration for the fans

-Any memories for Sip of Bowden and his fondness of Nebraska?

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What are the loudest games in Memorial Stadium history that people can remember?

-Sip posed the question last week on Twitter and got literally hundreds of responses—and Sip has it down to 12 games of options

-Without looking at Sip’s list, what would Jake say from his own experiences? Here’s a few—2014 Miami, 2016 Oregon, 2010 Oklahoma, 2001 Oklahoma, 2010 Missouri…

-What suggestions do listeners have?

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DP & Stephens: Final Thoughts on the Super Bowl

We give our final thoughts on the big game and those elected to the Hall of Fame.

The Drive: January 27th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • The MLB Hall of Fame is dumb
  • Why do people just not get in?
  • What is going on?!

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Thirty Seconds/Tom’s Ten

We begin a new segment with the intern.

Tom gives his list of Ten Super Bowl “One hit wonders.”

  • Desmond Howard
  • Mark Rypien
  • Trent Dilfer
  • Rob Ninkovich
  • Larry Brown
  • David Tyree
  • Timmy Smith

DP & Stephens: Lance Harvell, Husker Baseball

We have our weekly discussion with Husker Baseball Assistant Coach Lance Harvell.

  • We discuss the culture, what makes up a “good” culture.
  • The MLB Hall of Fame vote was yesterday
  • We ask Coach his thoughts on the Designated Hitter (DH) in MLB

DP & Stephens: Does Phillip Rives belong in the HOF? Scott Frost Bites!

  • Tom and DP discuss whether or not they believe 17-year QB Phillip Rivers belongs in the Hall of Fame.
  • Rivers career stats: Over 63,000 passing yards and 241 passing TDs.
  • Rivers played for the Chargers and Colts and announced his retirement on Wednesday.
  • Scott Frost talked on his radio show and DP has some thoughts on what he had to say.

DP & Stephens: Gary Pepin

Hall of Fame Husker Track and Field Coach Gary Pepin joins Tom and DP.