The Drive: October 1st, 5pm – Nebraska Football coaches audio

  • First time in awhile that we have heard from the football team
  • Greg Austin talks offensive run game and O-line

The Drive: February 24th, 4pm

  • Greg Austin has some encouraging things to say about Turner Corcoran
  • Colorado has hired….a man
  • The Baseball team has lost five games in a row
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Cane’s)

Greg Austin says it takes a while to develop the offensive line… the question is, have we seen definitive progress there?

-Austin spoke with the media on Wednesday after practice, and on top of praising Scott Frost’s leadership this ear so far, he also was discussing the offensive line development, and said that young lineman aren’t going to be physically ready in a tough conference like this.

-The question is, are we for sure seeing development with the young guys so far? And the narrative can change on that in these final 5 games, too…

-More from Austin/Ryan Held/Troy Walters…


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The Drive: October 23rd, 5pm

  • Greg Austin says Scott Frost has been steadfast in his leadership at this point in the season
  • Max Olson (The Athletic)
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: October 9th, 5pm

  • Greg Austin says snapping the ball is a whole offensive line problem
  • Has Nebraska made any “progress” this year?
  • Wrap things up

Nebraska’s not running the ball well inside right now, but Greg Austin thinks they can do just fine if they tried more

-If you’ve been watching games, it doesn’t appear as though there’s much room up the middle for running backs, but Greg Austin said yesterday that he thinks there’s been room there and that he would welcome more inside run plays called. Interesting…are we not seeing something that he is?

-Northern Illinois is a solid run defense (haven’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in 17 games), and they’re not a team you can just be ‘stubborn’ with to prove a point…do you expect a run-heavy attack this Saturday or a pass-heavy attack? Scott Frost and Troy Walters are on the side that the run game hasn’t been great so far…


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Can the offensive line and running backs get in-sync this week, or are you expecting more issues?

Colorado State got most of their yards in the air against Colorado (379), but did rush 31 times for 131 yards (4.2 ypc)… what will Nebraska’s gameplan be?

Ryan Held and Greg Austin had things to say about their respective units ahead of this weekend’s game, are you confident that the week 1 problems will be resolved?


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Happer & Stephens: March 21st, 1pm

  • Penn State and Mississippi State both are headed to the Final Four of the NIT, what are you thinking as a Husker fan? / What You Want!
  • Greg Austin is confident the offensive line can get back to its former glory

Happer & Stephens: March 20th, 1pm

  • SB Nation article – how do we give mid-majors a better chance to win a championship in both football and basketball?
  • Greg Austin is confident the offensive line can get back to its former glory

Happer & Stephens: March 19th, 12pm

  • Jack McVeigh is leaving the Nebraska Basketball program, are you scared?
  • Greg Austin is confident the offensive line can get back to its former glory
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