DP & Stephens: Lance Harvell (Husker Baseball)

Husker Baseball’s Assistant Coach Lance Harvell joins the show to discuss what is happening right now within the Husker Program.

  • Who is coming back? Who can we rely on?
    • Coach outlines the starting nine for us.
  • There was some concern that this staff had other opportunities.
  • What is the tipping point for the recruits?

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us a list of things he’s watching this weekend.

  • Husker Baseball
  • NBA Playoffs
  • Golf?

The Drive: May 26th, 3pm – I can’t help it, I like Tom Brady

  • “We are doing a radio show today” picture talk
  • Rico throwing a first-pitch today!
  • Another “match” is happening with two football players and two golfers
  • Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Aaron Rodgers, and Bryson DeChambeau
  • Bryson and Brooks Koepka going at it on Twitter…I love it

Jake played Omaha Country Club yesterday…what was his review of the course?

-Sip, for some reason, cared more about the food that was being served to the media. Of course.

-But, the golf course is fantastic. How did Jake play? Any impressive showings by others in the media?

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DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us a list of the best golf performances.

  • Tiger Woods
  • Phil at 50?
  • A dude got hit by a bus and then won a major the following year!

The Drive: May 24th, 3:25pm – Phil Mickelson winning was cool, but not like the coolest thing ever

  • What’s the deal with golf people?

The Recruiting Hour: May 24th – Opening Splash

  • Golf Talk – Congrats to Phil Mickelson for winning the PGA Championship at 50
  • Nebraska Baseball is the OUTRIGHT Big Ten champions
  • New visitors scheduled for Nebraska Football!!

DP & Stephens: May 21st, 11:45am – PGA Leaderboard

  • Phil Mickelson making moves!!
  • Dream Golf 4-some?

DP & Stephens: May 21st, 11am – Opening

  • USA Chanter
  • Garth Brooks ticket sales
  • Does LeBron GOAT talk need revisiting if he makes the Finals as a 7-seed?

DP & Stephens: May 20th, 12pm – Toms 10

  • Jake Sorensen joins the studio to talk about the 10 best Golf shots of all-Time

DP & Stephens: May 20th, 11am – Nebraska Football to Ireland in 2022

  • PGA Leaderboard
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • DP is scared of heights

DP & Stephens: Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

The Lincoln Journal Star’s Chris Basnett joins the show to discuss the Huskers.

  • Ronald Thompkins Jr. enters the portal.
  • What benefits do the walk-on’s get?
  • Golf talk