For those who thought Indiana would lay down to Wisconsin without Michael Penix, Jr…not so fast!

-The Hoosiers looked like they belonged on Saturday against the Badgers, and their defense continued to be strong…

-Is Indiana team that is going to last for awhile in the conference or is this just a 2-year run?

Dominic Raiola (Former Nebraska/NFL center) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-No bad snaps for Cam Jurgens against Purdue, and the offense looked decent with that being the case…reason to believe it can stay this way?

-There’s been rumors about McKenzie Milton possibly looking at Nebraska for a transfer…what would you say about that with Nebraska’s current QB play? Can he make the WRs look better?

-Do you believe Nebraska should win the rest of their games?

What if Nebraska gets this season back to .500? Is that getting too far ahead of ourselves?

-A win against Minnesota this weekend (assuming the game is played) and a win in the crossover game shouldn’t be too much to ask for…and what if they won those games and got to a bowl game and won that? 5-4? You could see momentum with that, especially with all the losses this year except for the Ohio State game being by one score

-Also, Purdue had minus-2 yards rushing against Nebraska, after Iowa had marginal success on the ground, too….can’t we see the rush defense as a reason for momentum? Let’s end this year strong and build momentum!!!

Let’s do a reassessment…does Nebraska actually have some NFL guys on the roster?

-Cam Taylor-Britt looks like an NFL player, and although he doesn’t get INTs, Dicaprio Bootle might, too…and JoJo Domann possibly? Not seeing it on offense, though…

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Sip was wondering after the game if Martinez has done enough the past 2 games to quiet the McKenzie Milton-to-Nebraska conversation…

-Martinez was good, not phenomenal…but was good running the ball again, and had some nice throws, too…it’s still weird that Austin Allen remains the team’s best deep threat, but who knows

-We saw McCaffrey only for a short while when Adrian was getting his shoulder looked at…have to monitor that situation this week to see how healthy his shoulder is…but what about the Milton convo?

In a game full of penalties, Nebraska starts strong and ends victorious, with a 37-27 win over Purdue

-A victory! No mourning today! Nebraska tried to give it away at the end, but Purdue wouldn’t let them, as the Huskers get to 2-4 on the year with a win over Bob Diaco and company

-Special teams had a nice start to the game, with a blocked punt and several nice FGs by Connor Culp, but then Nebraska had a punt blocked, too, and some poor coverage on special teams…but at least it wasn’t a game that Nebraska was completely beaten in that unit’s performance

-Adrian Martinez was good enough for Nebraska…can he finish the year strong the next 2 games?