The Student Section: Closing Segment

ESPN released an article that ranked Nebraska near the bottom as a transfer destination within the Big Ten.

  • Do Big Sky and Nick agree with ESPN or did they miss the mark?

The Student Section: Drew Christo (Husker Baseball Commit)

Elkhorn star pitcher and Husker Baseball commit Drew Christo joins the show as the newest addition to the Honor Roll.

  • MLB scouts have attended Christo’s games and he may hear his name called during the MLB draft.
  • What does Drew plan on studying?
  • With a 35 on his ACT, how does Drew balance athletics and academics?

The Student Section: Does the student section at Memorial Stadium need to be moved?

The location of the student section at Memorial Stadium was the talk of Husker nation this past week.

  • Tom Shatel wrote an article with comments from fans, but should the student section be moved? Do students have the right amount of passion?
  • Are Nick and Big Sky tired of hearing about the 90s?

Jake ends the show with a ridiculous stat out of the MLB that will blow your mind

-Gerrit Cole, the ace starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, issued his first walked batter on Monday in a full month…he had 61 strikeouts in 41 2/3 innings before he issued a walk

-Do you realize how insane that is? That is unreal. A new Major League record.

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/ Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Why is Nebraska on the market for defensive back transfers?

-TV lineups are out for Week 1 of college football…what games interest you the most?

-Are you pretty much anticipating that we will be at 100% capacity for sports come the Fall?

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Is it always a bad look to run up the score in a game/event or is it just part of how sports go?

-People are complaining about a player from the White Sox who swung on a 3-0 pitch against a position player who was pitching in relief in a blowout for the Twins, and hit a home run. SOFT

-Nebraska used to blow teams out…what was the conversation by the opponents back then? Nebraska has been on the wrong end of blow outs since then and those aren’t very fun, but we get it

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MAILBAGGGGG!!!! Your questions, our answers

-As always, email your questions for Sip & Jake to or tweet them

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Sean wrote Monday that Nebraska is targeting DBs in the transfer portal…is this a lack of confidence in Quinton Newsome or not?

-Are you pretty much operating that we will be at 100% capacity for the Fall?

-No hosted regional for Nebraska baseball…how do you like their chances of making noise in the NCAA tourney?

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TV schedules are out for Labor Day weekend…we might be at full capacity…ARE PEOPLE GETTING JACKED??!

-We’re looking ahead to the college football season today. Yes, it’s May 19th. But ESPN listed their lineup for Labor Day weekend for games and now we’re getting pumped about football

-Check this out for week 1: Clemson/Georgia, Alabama/Miami, Penn State/Wisconsin, Indiana/Iowa, LSU/UCLA, and Notre Dame/Florida State on Sunday. We back.

-Also, the Red Sox announced Fenway Park is going 100% capacity next week, so if THAT is happening THERE, you have to feel good about the likelihood of 100% capacity happening almost everywhere in all sports. BOOM!

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Sip is predicting some news to come today or tomorrow regarding Nebraska playing in Ireland…

-The 2021 game against Illinois got cancelled for Ireland, but it sounds like we’ll hear something soon regarding Nebraska playing Northwestern in 2022 in Ireland in Week Zero

-How many Guinesses will Sip drink out there?

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-We know a few games of the 2021-22 schedule for Nebrasketball…when will we have an idea of the full non-conference schedule?

-We just had a great in-state run of talent with Hunter Sallis, Chuck Hepburn, and Max Murrell, with Isaac Traudt and Jasen Green still out there..are there signs of more good talent coming up?

-Thoughts on the class of 2021 for the Basketball Hall of Fame?

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Is it too much to ask to have more touchbacks on special teams this year?

-Sam McKewon did a dive on special teams this weekend and noted the stunning difference of touchbacks by Nebraska compared to their opponents, and the success of running kicks back of opponents compared to Nebraska. The Huskers could have a lot more success simply by being able to kick through the end zone

-It’s amazing to see how much this one stat hurt Iowa State last year…and they addressed it in offseason

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