DP & Stephens: May 21st, 11am – Opening

  • USA Chanter
  • Garth Brooks ticket sales
  • Does LeBron GOAT talk need revisiting if he makes the Finals as a 7-seed?

The Drive: May 12th, 3pm – Garth Brooks is going to do a concert at Memorial Stadium

  • Alright, this is pretty cool
  • And I hope this may open the door to do other stuff here
  • Why haven’t they done it in the past? Hallowed ground? Worried about messing up turf? Weather?

The Recruiting Hour: May 12th – Opening Segment

  • Slow season for commitments
  • Memorial Stadium is going to host a concert!
  • Beer?

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Garth Brooks is coming to Memorial Stadium — What does that mean?

Alcohol at stadiums???