The Drive: September 20th, 5pm

Alex B Smith: (Use code AXRADIO for 3 days of picks for just $39)



The Drive: June 26th, 4pm

  • MORE odds for CFB win totals
  • Michael Bruntz (247 Sports)
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Canes)

The Drive: June 6th, 5pm

  • Fan Duel puts out some odds on Big Ten football
  • Sean Callahan (Husker Online)
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: March 13th, 4pm

  • Practice Notes
  • Should Young Jake get into gambling?
  • What’s in the Box?

Happer & Stephens: May 15th, 1pm

  • An Oklahoma fan had a pretty wild idea
  • If Nebrasketball doesn’t beat Creighton this year, they never will for the rest of time
  • The attendance problem in sports just took another hit

Tom Osborne (3-time Husker National Champion head coach) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Why is Osborne opposed to sports gambling and the idea of making it legal in Nebraska?
  • How was he able to keep such strong staff continuity back in the glory days when the team was winning at such a high level?

Brendan Bussman (Director of Government Affairs)

  • What did we learn yesterday and what does it mean for sports gambling going forward? What does Nebraska lose out by not letting it happen within their borders still?
  • How much could it potentially help with government expenses if Nebraska allowed it?

Sports gambling gets legalized, but Pete Ricketts says Nebraska still won’t allow it.

  • Supreme Court in New Jersey voted 6-3 in favor of legalizing sports betting, but states have jurisdiction on whether or not they’ll allow it—and Pete Ricketts says its not happening in Nebraska
  • Sports betting has obviously been going on for a long time, but now people won’t have to be as sketchy in how they find their bookies in Vegas…how much does this change things? And how far behind will Nebraska be if they continue not allowing it?