DP & Stephens: Husker Sound Bites

A lot of people spoke to the media following the Spring Game.

  • Scott Frost
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Austin Allen
  • Cam Taylor-Britt
  • Gabe Ervin
  • Ty Robinson

DP & Stephens: Spring Game Reaction

Huskers had their spring game on Saturday.

  • Gabe Ervin is a dude.
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Omar Manning had a few grabs.

We end today’s show telling you about the dumbest injury of the week in sports

-Oakland A’s pitcher Jesus Luzardo broke the pinkie finger of his pitching hand on Saturday before his start…when he thumped it too hard on the table while playing video games

-It’s a hairline fracture for Luzardo, and he’ll be out for some time. What an idiot!

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Husker baseball’s return to the rankings results in a big thud, getting swept by Rutgers at home / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-OUCH! Nebraska fans were thrilled to be back in the rankings and have a home series with 6,000+ fans able to attend each game…and they lost them all. The bullpen hurt Nebraska on both Friday and Saturday, but the bats were quiet on Sunday with only 2 hits in a 6-0 loss

-Jake was at the game on Sunday, and although the game didn’t go well, he was thrilled to be at a game with so many fans…he just missed having vendors coming up and down the aisles! Very quiet!

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So…does Nebraska have reliable QB options for the Fall or are you concerned after the Spring Game?

-There were lots of storylines to follow but this was the biggest one for most. Adrian Martinez ran the ball a lot in the first half, which is something we knew he could do…and he was OK in the passing game

-What about the backups? It was a very windy day so it’s hard to be too critical. But the stats weren’t great. O-line didn’t give a ton of time for QBs and the defense is strong (and apparently pretty deep, too)…but where do we stand on QBs now?

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Nebraska isn’t blanked in the NFL Draft, as Brenden Jaimes and Matt Farniok hear their names called

-Jaimes went in the 5th round to the Chargers, and Farniok in the 7th to the Cowboys. 3 other players so far have signed with teams as undrafted free agents…also did Jake like his Dolphins’ draft or not?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

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Did we come away with more optimism about Nebraska’s running backs after the Spring Game?

-Several RBs had impressive runs and games, including Marvin Scott, Sevion Morrison, Gabe Ervin, Jaquez Yant, and others

-So…is there actual depth there or are we going tell ourselves in the Fall that they still don’t have a good RB? Hard to think that after Saturday.

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The Spring Game delivered fans in the stands, wonderfully warm weather, and some things to chew on through the summer months

-Let’s start with the great thing: just shy of 40,000 red-clad fans in the stands on a nice, warm day…and a packed and buzzing Haymarket/Railyard before and after the game, too. The things we took for granted in the past should now be appreciated more.

-Now, for the game itself: not always easy to grade performances in the first half with ‘thudding’ instead of tackling…but we do know that Omar Manning got open deep and dropped a nice pass. Not a lot of explosive passing plays on the day despite that one, which was incomplete

-Also…we wanted to see if special teams would have improved, and didn’t really see special teams.

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Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft has the Patriots trading up to get Justin Fields…is he the perfect fit for Bill Belichick?

-The top 3 picks, it seems right now, would be Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Mac Jones…then Fields would follow somewhere after that, possibly at No. 4 with the Falcons

-Kiper thinks the Pats will trade up high enough to get Fields…is he the right fit for that offense?

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Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-We’re about halfway through Spring Football…what’s the biggest storyline to you so far, good or bad?

-What’s the latest on Nebraska recruiting? Any commitments coming soon?

-Practice will be open for media and 4,000 fans to watch on Saturday…what can those fans expect to see?

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Do fans still believe a non-power run offense can win consistently for Nebraska in the B1G?

-It’s a big question about the whole operation and what happens going forward. It’s not a great sign that Nebraska’s running backs are either injured or young. Which puts a lot of pressure, again, on Adrian Martinez and receivers/tight ends that have a lot of newcomers

-You ask yourself if Nebraska is going in circles and why they don’t go back to what worked in the past. You want to be like Ohio State but can’t recruit to their level. There’s no reason why you can’t be like Wisconsin. How hard is that to accept? Can everyone get on board for that style or not?

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