DP & Stephens: Husker Football Schedule

DP and Tom discuss the Huskers traveling to Rutgers week 1 as well as what would be an acceptable record for the season.

Jake/Sip look back at some games in Nebraska football, as well as look into the mindsets of prior Coaches

-What losses in the past still stick with Husker fans?

-Jake/Sip discuss the differences between Pelini/Riley/Frost. How practices are run, how the media is dealt with, etc.

How soon will Scott Frost be mentioned in the Lincoln Riley conversation as coaches the NFL wants to poach? /Shut-up Sipple

-JAKE, HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO US?! Jake saw a little video on ESPN yesterday that listed Ryan Day and Lincoln Riley as 2 guys that might get poached to the NFL soon, and thought that if Ryan Day is already in that conversation, then Frost will soon, too

-Offensive geniuses get the call to the big leagues pretty quickly, and that’s what Frost is seen as. Could Fred Hoiberg give Frost advice on maybe why he should stay in the college ranks after Hoiberg’s overall mediocre time in Chicago?

Early Break: How much Kool-Aid are Husker fans drinking?

  • If we put the line at Nebraska going 8-4 this year, would more people lean toward 9-3 / better, or 7-5 /worse?
  • Jake has heard from a lot of people regarding his cynicism/realism regarding the preseason rankings so far this year, and just wants to get a fair representation from the listeners about where they are closer to. If the win total was put at 8, or just simply put an 8-4 record, would you learn toward guessing this team goes under that, at 7-5; or over it, at 9-3 or better?
  • This will help tell us where people locally stand vs. those nationally. If the majority say 9-3 is more likely than 7-5, than maybe Jake is reading the people wrong. But he’s not sure he is.

Early Break: Is Scott Frost a Top 25 head coach in the nation or a Top 10 coach?

  • CBS Sports went through their top coaches the other day, and a group of writers voted Scott Frost as the No. 25 coach in the nation, behind the likes of Paul Chryst, Matt Campbell, David Cutcliffe, Kirk Ferentz, and Pat Fitzgerald, among others
  • Barton Simmons, of CBS Sports and 247 Sports, thinks that Frost is the No. 7 coach in the nation—-a rating that Husker fans surely like to see. But doesn’t that seem like more of what he ‘could be’? Would anyone right now feel comfortable—besides Simmons—of putting him that high? 25 might seem too low, but 7 seems too high. Where would you put him?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • How concerned are you about Dedrick Mills being eligible to play at Nebraska? Maurice Washington status?
  • Nebraska football discussion
  • Is there any reason in the world for Nebraska to be considered as Ohio State’s top challenger to the Big Ten title this year?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: Would you be OK with Nebraska having bad academics if it resulted in winning consistently?

  • The answer seems like an obvious ‘yes,’ but there are those out there who will (rightfully) point out that college is for helping the majority of these players to get degrees without a future in professional football
  • Michigan State was last in the conference in APR this past year at 948. Let’s say Nebraska was last place, and right around the 930 minimum that’s acceptable to get into the postseason, and obviously toward the bottom of college football…would you care as long as they’re winning?

Early Break: How much can Scott Frost change the perception of ‘how good’ the Nebraska job is?

  • Athlon Sports ranked the 130 jobs in the nation for Division 1, and put Nebraska at 19th—just ahead of UCLA, Miami (FL), and Oklahoma State—and just behind Tennessee, Washington, and Oregon
  • It already feels like the job has moved up in the rankings since Mike Riley was here, thanks to Nebraska’s ability to land a high-profile coach in Scott Frost…which, of course, was mostly aided by the fact he’s from here and played here
  • But what is the ceiling for this job to be considered nationwide? God forbid if Frost were to ever leave to go the NFL, what’s the highest he could get the job to be considered ‘as good as’ on the national landscape?

Early Break: Can a team coming off of a 4-8 season really carry an underdog/lots to prove mentality

  • There’s something about being a forgotten team that makes teams dig deep and fight hard to prove people wrong; look at Tim Miles for example in his 2nd and 6th seasons in basketball….was predicted to do nothing, and got one team to the NCAA Tournament and one on the verge of it
  • If players see their team getting a preseason Top 20 ranking after what was a disastrous record for a season, doesn’t that make their ‘prove it’ motive diminish a little?

Early Break: There were zero Huskers selected in the NFL Draft for first time in 56 years

  • Are you surprised Devine or Stanley didn’t get drafted
  • What’s next in the future for Husker football?
  • Who’s to blame for the lack of draft picks over the years

Early Break: We have our thoughts on the ‘cubes’—but why does their coach, Mario Verduzco, like them so much?

  • Sip had a long chat with Verduzco earlier this week and wrote about it for the Journal Star. Sip said earlier that he thinks Nebraska has either the first or 2nd best QB room in the entire conference—ahead of Ohio State, even. What does Mario think?
  • Everyone talks about Scott Frost being the QB expert, but how much credit should Verduzco get for how the QB room develops?
  • More random thoughts with Mario

Early Break: Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

  • Husker Online did a deep dive into the QBs post-Spring Game…what are the biggest takeaways with that group entering the Fall?
  • Will Nebraska be able to fully take advantage of Adrian Martinez in the small window they have to win with him?
  • How much attrition to you expect this summer, if any