October 22nd: SEG 9 – SEXY PICKS

  • Wisconsin (-3.5) at #25 Purdue
  • #8 Oklahoma State at Iowa State (-7)
  • #10 Oregon at UCLA (-1)
  • Clemson at #23 Pitt (-3.5)
  • USC at # 13 Notre Dame (-7)

October 22nd: SEG 7 – If this is Nebraska’s best roster, what might it look like next year?

  • Losing the super seniors, natural attrition
  • From the best roster, they’ve had, to what?

October 22nd: SEG 6 – Eat a cake

  • Happer and Schaefer eat a Turtle Nut Cake from Beatrice Bakery

October 22nd: SEG 5 – Max Olson (The Athletic)

  • Can Caleb Williams actually win the Heisman?
  • Does Cincinnati need to prove themselves or if they win out, they’re in
  • One loss ‘Bama problems
  • A pretty weak schedule this week

October 22nd: SEG 4 – Losing to “bye”

  • Scott Frost and Nebraska do not do well in the game before a bye
  • They also don’t do well after the bye
  • Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)

October 22nd: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Marble cake is superior to both chocolate and vanilla
  • Chocolate chip cookies are M&M cookies that didn’t reach their full potential
  • Hitting 3 homers in an LCS is the 5th best thing you could do

October 22nd: SEG 2 – Big Ten Power Rankings WITH TIERS

  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan
  3. Penn State
  4. Iowa
  5. Michigan State
  6. Minnesota
  7. Purdue
  8. Maryland
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Nebraska
  11. Indiana
  12. Northwestern
  13. Rutgers
  14. Illinois

October 22nd: SEG 1 – Happer called Lincoln Southwest and Omaha Central last night

  • How did Deshawn Woods look?
  • Playoff outlook

October 21st: SEG 9 – Name some things, Happer

  • Who are the remaining 10 undefeated teams in College Football?

October 21st: SEG 8 – Why is Alabama given so much leeway when they lose?

  • ‘Bama lost to an unranked A&M and will remain in the Top 4
  • Iowa lost and DROPPED
  • The ranking system needs an overhaul

October 21st: SEG 7 – Coaching movement?

  • Does Nebraska need to shake things up in the coaching ranks?
  • Where/Who would be the ones getting moved?

October 21st: SEG 6 – How has the transfer portal worked for Nebraska

  • Taking a smaller recruiting class from high school and JUCO
  • Diving into the Portal
  • Let’s look at the last few portal guys