Is there anything worse in life than finishing 2nd in a food eating contest?

Joey Chestnut ate 74 hot dogs yesterday in the Nathan’s 4th of July Hot Dog Eating contest and won as he does every year, but the person who finished 2nd ate 48 hot dogs and got nothing. In other sports, you live with the loss and are sad and move on. You lose an eating contest? You get all of that PLUS a stomach full of food eaten very fast….for nothing.

Who will emerge at tight end this year for Nebraska and how much will that position be used in Frost’s offense?

  • You have a lot of options there, including young guys like Kurt Rafdal and Austin Allen among others…who gets the nod at TE and what should we expect from that position in terms of productivity and stats?
  • Does Frost have the right type of TEs on his roster right now that he wants ideally for his offense?

Happy Post 4th of July: What new coaches have the best chance of ‘blowing things up’ this year?

  • Scott Frost is certainly a candidate for this, but it doesn’t seem like Nebraska will be that dangerous in Year 1 of him, so it’s probably not him for the answer. But what about Willie Taggart at Florida State? Or Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M? What other coaches are set for the biggest ‘fireworks’?
  • Also, Jake must bring his yearly reminder of an idea of how to fix the 4th of July for everyone and all parties