The ‘Early Break Golf Course Tour’ continues with….Jackrabbit Run!

  • Jackrabbit Run in Grand Island is this week’s stop on the Golf Tour…what were Jake’s impressions?

Husker Baseball does its job against Arizona State and Michigan…where does Darin Erstad stand on the hot seat?

  • We thought Nebraska had to win at least 3 of the games….and they won 4. 2 against Arizona State, and the first 2 against Michigan, and could have swept them but imploded late in the game. They’ll play on Wednesday at 9pm in Omaha for the Big Ten Tournament
  • Where do the fans stand now on Erstad? He pretty much sealed a bid for the NCAA Tournament according to most people…is that enough?

Jake is back and missed lots of stuff again…good news on the horizon with Dedrick Mills

  • Husker football freshmen reported yesterday, and we were finally informed that Dedrick Mills has met the requirements to get into UNL after initially not meeting the requirements
  • Mills is the No.1 JUCO RB in the nation…why is he different than Nebraska’s No.1 JUCO RB from last year, Greg Bell, who left the team early in conference play last year?
  • What does this mean for Nebraska this year?