Maybe Jake should be less tough on e-sports…a Lincoln high schooler could make big bucks

-17-year-old Jackson Wahl, a Lincoln Lutheran senior, is participating in the World Cyber Games, for ‘Clash Royale,’ and also told the Journal Star that he’s making $1500 per week just from playing the game. I guess that’s one way to make money…

Jake doesn’t get triggered much, but he saw something on yesterday that really pissed him off

-Jake was scrolling through the site’s MAIN PAGE yesterday afternoon, and saw an article about a 15-year-old, “Benjyfishy,” who hopes to win millions in the Fortnite World Cup. LOTS OF LAYERS OF TRIGGEREDNESS TO GET TO HERE

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-The Browns over/under on wins is 9 currently, which would essentially get them into the playoffs if they hit the over; keep in mind, this franchise has gone 11 straight seasons of below .500 football.

-The Clippers, however, have always been in the shadow of the Lakers in L.A., and for a looooooong time were one of the worst franchises in the league….who do you want to break out more this year?

Myles Farmer becomes 4th Husker this offseason cited for marijuana possession…another slap on the wrist, or something of concern going forward?

-Farmer joins Maurice Washington, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Jeremiah Stovall as Huskers cited for marijuana possession this offseason…..probably not a lot of discipline coming, but what can be done?

Dabo Swinney proves once again why he is the MAN as Clemson’s head coach

-There was a video going around Twitter yesterday that said Dabo would fire any coach of his who didn’t go to their kids’ games, because those are the kinds of dads/coaches he wants on his staff at Clemson. How can you not like this guy? AUDIO:

Scott Frost says he’d take Adrian Martinez as his QB over anyone in the country…is there any better fit?

-Frost is probably right—Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa are excellent QBs, but maybe not the same type of QB as Frost would want in his system here….how weird/good does it feel to probably have THE best option for the position on this team right now?

Final thoughts/takeaways on B1G Media Days and football season almost being back

-These are always a whirlwind of 2 days, but it’s been fun, and there’s still more to go today—just less than we care about

-What are you interested in seeing/hearing today? Favorite part of yesterday?

Final updated schedule of events today at B1G Media Days

-Scott Frost kicks things off at the press conferences at noon, and then he’ll speak again at a side podium from 2-3pm, and players will speak at the podium in similar timeframe; Jim Delany speaks at 11:15am

-We’ll have coaches/broadcasters/players walking into our radio row set-up all day, so listen to all of our shows today for more info on that

Could the epic Wimbledon men’s final from yesterday spark a surge in tennis popularity?

-Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in an epic 5-set match, capped off with a 13-12 last set, that had the sports world buzzing. It’s also helpful to have two of the biggest names in the sport in the finals

-Will this help tennis popularity? Jake says ‘no way,’ and he’ll explain why—it’s not too tough. Also….sidebar about lack of popularity of Tour de France…

Could Sip beat Charles Barkley in golf?

-The American Century Golf Tournament starts tomorrow, and Barkley is 7500-1 odds to win the event, which is worst odds in the field. Last year, Chuck shot essentially 100-over par over the 3 day stretch—and made double bogey or worse on 85% of the holes…could Sip beat that, or would he be destined for last place?

-We could make it all that much easier if we just get Sip over to Jim Ager….

Who does the All-Star Break better: MLB or NBA?

-Home Run Derby vs. 3-point contest/Dunk contest….which do you prefer?

-Which All-Star game is better and more exciting?

More thoughts on Colorado coach Mel Tucker’s comments about Nebraska and recruiting

-Tucker was critical of Nebraska’s success on the field recently, and curious why kids kept leaving CO….