DP & Stephens: Huskers’ Press Conference

DP and Tom react to the Huskers’ press conference following the Big 10’s announcement that fall football will return.

DP & Stephens: Big 10 Press Conference

DP and Tom kick off today’s show early and discuss the Big 10’s press conference announcing the return of fall football.

DP & Stephens: Fall Football

DP and Tom talk about the status of fall football as Alabama struggles to manage COVID on campus, as well as other national stories.

The Drive: August 11th, 5:25pm – What to do this fall without football

  • Pumpkin patches
  • Apple picking
  • Wedding crashing

The Recruiting Hour: August 11th – Reaction to Kevin Warren

  • Kevin Warrens appearance on BTN didn’t really do much to help us understand the Big Tens decision

The Recruiting Hour: August 11th – Kevin Warren live on BTN

  • The Big Ten has decided to move the Fall season to the spring
  • Kevin Warren (Big Ten Commissioner) went on BTN and spoke on the decision the conference made