The Student Section: Skyler Petersen (Husker Track & Field)

Skyler has thousands of followers on social media…so we discuss NIL and how he’s handling it.

Time to wrap up the show — talk to you guys next week!

The Student Section: Conference Realignment Ideas

Big Sky proposes his new conference realignment scenario.

The Student Section: Conference Realignment/Olympics

We start the segment discussing conference realignment…but breaking news happens regarding Team USA and the Olympics.

The Drive: July 21th, 5:45pm – More Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC talk

  • What teams would you add to the B1G?
  • Bobby Bowden was diagnosed with a terminal illness today

The Drive: July 21th, 5:25pm – SEC Media days

  • Ed Orgeron never actually interviewed Bo Pelini?
  • Alabama QB Bryce Young is nearing $1 million?

The Drive: July 21th, 5pm – What does an 8-win team look like

  • What area on the team or player gets this team to 7 or 8 wins?

The Drive: July 21th, 4:45pm – Most important game on the schedule reaction from the listeners

  • What did the people have to say about the conversation

The Drive: July 21th, 4:25pm – Whats the most important game on the schedule

  • Nick says …
  • Big Sky says …

The Drive: July 21th, 4pm – Big Skys reaction to the Milwaukee Bucks championship

  • Big Bucks guy
  • Were you impressed with Giannis and the supporting cast?
  • What will the Suns do now?

The Drive: July 21th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Hello Rico, I’m glad you are here to save us

The Drive: July 21th, 3:25pm – Connor Happer (host of The Drive, on the road to B1G Media Days)

  • How is the drive going?
  • What are we expecting out of B1G Media Days?

The Drive: July 21th, 3pm – Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC?

  • The Big 12 rivals are looking to move conferences
  • What does that do to the Big 12?
  • What will the SEC divisions look like?