April 6th: Erik Chinander acts like he has more to work with than he expected to have when he first took over the Husker defense…does that speed up the process?


-Was it just confusion last year that caused epic breakdowns in the defense every game? Or were they just lacking talent? The talent level definitely isn’t what Bill Callahan left Bo Pelini left for his first few years of his tenure at Nebraska, but it’s definitely not lacking. Could Chinander have the same type of impact immediately that Pelini did defensively?

-Why does everyone think that the defense is bound to be terrible? They were bad last year, yes—but they have guys who were highly rated in recruiting everywhere defensively..

March 29th: What do you need to see this season from Erik Chinander and the defense to make you believe they can get back to respectability?

  • Bob Diaco’s one season in Lincoln was a complete disaster, as the defense was embarrassing, slow, and at times incompetent. There is definitely talent on the defense, so what needs to be seen from the defense in year 1 of Chinander/Frost?
  • Sorensen says a big thing is seeing players go from Week 1 to Week 12 and seeing actual improvement and growth…which has not always been the case for the players in the past here