The Drive: November 19th, 3pm

  • Erik Chinander says the defense is moving in the right direction that is getting covered by some holes
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: November 12th, 5pm

  • Mascot Cage match
  • I still don’t really get the angst coming toward Erik Chinander
  • Gabriel replay
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: October 29th, 5pm

  • Erik Chinander has some things to say
  • Let’s take a look at what this defense could look like next year
  • College Football Reaction/Overreaction
  • HoodieGate
  • Wrap things up

Erik Chinander will speak today after practice, as well as other defensive assistants…how will he explain the struggles against Indiana?

-Scott Frost spent some of his Monday press conference defending Chinander and his ability to coach a defense, and there are obviously lots of grumblings in the fanbase about his defense at the moment. What can he say today that will inspire confidence in things getting figured out?


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How much improvement can we expect from the run defense against Indiana and going forward?

-Nebraska ranks 13th in the conference in rush defense in league games, and 5.9 yards per carry. They also only have 6 sacks through 4 league games (10th in B1G); and only have 2 INTs through 4 league games (12th in the league).

-How much do you trust Erik Chinander and the assistants to have used the bye week properly to fix the issues with the defense, if that’s at all possible?

-More audio from practice….


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The Drive: October 8th, 5pm

  • Let’s talk expectations for the rest of the season
  • Sign on the dotted line or Roll the dice
  • Chinander on redshirts
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: October 8th, 3pm

  • Erik Chinander touches on some things
  • What in the world is Richard Sherman talking about?
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Barrett Ruud says Reggie Corbin might be the BEST running back Nebraska faces this year…yet we still might not know how good Nebraska’s rush defense is after the game

-Corbin was a highlight of what Ruud and Erik Chinander had to say on Tuesday, with both giving him high praise for how good he is. And we saw that last year in Lincoln, before he left the game with injury

-Ruud said he might be the best RB Nebraska faces all year (uh…Jonathan Taylor/JK Dobbins??)…and maybe he’s right; but the offensive lines at Wisconsin, Ohio State, and others will be better than Illinois’, so even if Nebraska does contain Corbin, it’s a great sign that their rush defense is real, but not indicative fully of how they’ll do against the monsters in the B1G in the trenches

-More audio from post-practice…


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Troy Walters and Erik Chinander both show up in Bruce Feldman’s Top 40 assistant coaches to watch in 2019…how long can Frost keep this all together?

-Feldman had Walters and Chinander among his Top 40 in an article on The Athletic, and the more Nebraska gets talked about and the more they back it up, their staff is going to become hot names in conversations for other big jobs elsewhere

-Frost lost the first member of his staff that he brought over from UCF in the offseason with Mike Dawson leaving for the NFL, and he was replaced by Tony Tuioti from Cal, who seems like a pretty good fit so far. How long will the rest of it all stay together, though?

-Also, Jahkeem Green officially clears paperwork to come to Nebraska, we’ll see him midweek


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The Drive: August 6th, 3pm

  • Let’s here from Erik Chinander from yesterday a bit
  • Ezekiel Elliott is apparently not going to play unless he gets a new contract, I suppose
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

6:00 – Holy crap—we’re officially one month away from Nebraska’s season opener

-Welcome to the last day of July, and the last day of ‘summer,’ as Fan Day gets us going tomorrow into Fall Camp

-In a year where fans are optimistic but still patient (as of now), how much heat is on Erik Chinander to deliver a solid defense? The whole staff joined Scott Frost from UCF to Lincoln, so he’s not in a rush to cast anyone off…but Chinander appears to be the only person really on the staff that fans might cling to in order to vent frustrations if things don’t go as smoothly as ‘experts’ predict they could this year.

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April 6th: Erik Chinander acts like he has more to work with than he expected to have when he first took over the Husker defense…does that speed up the process?


-Was it just confusion last year that caused epic breakdowns in the defense every game? Or were they just lacking talent? The talent level definitely isn’t what Bill Callahan left Bo Pelini left for his first few years of his tenure at Nebraska, but it’s definitely not lacking. Could Chinander have the same type of impact immediately that Pelini did defensively?

-Why does everyone think that the defense is bound to be terrible? They were bad last year, yes—but they have guys who were highly rated in recruiting everywhere defensively..