DP & Stephens: July 6th, 1pm – Eric Crouch

  • Former Husker QB and Heisman winner Eric Crouch joins the show to speak on the Huskers and how his career went

Eric Crouch finally gets the invitation to join the College Football Hall of Fame…what took so long?

-Sip talked to Crouch over the phone recently, and he said that he was called by Scott Frost/Matt Davison/Tom Osborne while he was in Jamaica and couldn’t believe the news that he got in

-As Jake reminds us every year, it should be automatic entrance into the College Football Hall of Fame if you’re a Heisman winner. The best player in the country for at least 25% of your career. How can that not get you in?

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The AP predicts Eric Crouch will make the 2020 College Football Hall of Fame inductee list…Jake again wonders why it has taken so long

-As Jake said last year, there’s no reason for any Heisman winner to not be in the College Football Hall of Fame. To spend 25% of your career as the best player in the sport and not be in the hall is a shame. Rashaan Salaam, Carson Palmer, and Crouch are all former Heisman winners waiting to get in.