October 22nd: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Marble cake is superior to both chocolate and vanilla
  • Chocolate chip cookies are M&M cookies that didn’t reach their full potential
  • Hitting 3 homers in an LCS is the 5th best thing you could do

October 21st: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • You are surprised with the lack of car dealership NIL deals
  • The Knicks being good is great for the NBA

October 20th: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • The Braves are the least hated team in the Playoffs
  • MLB umpires actually want to be replaced which is why they are doing a terrible job
  • Russell Westbrook will not be the starting PG for the Lakers come November

October 20th: SEG 1 – Wednesday Jersey Day

  • NBA Talk

October 19th: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Krackel is a top tier Hersheys mini candy

October 18th: SEG 9 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Ed Orgeron will be in the Nick Saban center for Rehabilitating coaches
  • Aaron Rodgers went too far with his comments to the Bears fans

October 18th: SEG 3 – Pest of the Weekend (brought to you by Bats to Rats)

  • Schaefer – Iowa Hawkeyes
  • Happer – Airport Security
  • Rico – People who only want to talk sports when they find out you talk sports for a living

October 14th: SEG 4 – TEXT BAG

  • Extended version
  • Answering all your questions

October 14th: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Fig Newtons are great
  • Sean Taylor, Hall of Famer?
  • You would like OBJ on your team
  • ’21 Cinci would beat ’17 UCF

October 13th: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • JR Smith will be a National Champion in golf
  • Dentists visits aren’t that bad
  • If it snows in the panhandle, it is snowing in Nebraska

October 12th: SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Lamar Jackson can pass the ball
  • Wind is good
  • Playing an injured player in fantasy football should come with a penalty

October 11th: SEG 6 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Iowa will make the CFP
  • The Nets will make the playoffs despite missing Kyrie for over half the season
  • Field/Court storming should be done after the opposing team leaves the field