Today is Jake’s final show of 2020…what are his Husker goals for 2021?

-2020 sucked for a lot of reasons. Nebraska sports didn’t help. We could have used some successful sports in our lives in a pandemic year, but NOPE—that didn’t happen

-What are Sip and Jake’s goals for specific Nebraska programs in 2021? Can we say just making a bowl game is the goal for football, or is that too low of a goal? And what do we do with men’s basketball and baseball? At least we can have high goals for John Cook and volleyball…

Are people watching bowl games so far this season?

-Jake hasn’t watched any so far, but obviously will watch the big playoff games. It’s also a bummer that the Iowa/Missouri officially got canceled because of too much COVID in the Missouri program

-Also, Bills/Patriots tonight on Monday Night Football…..

Nebrasketball hung tight again in the first half, but fell apart in the second half in a loss to Michigan on Christmas Day

-Teddy Allen had 21 points in the first half (on 17 shot attempts…in the half!!) and Nebraska was right there with the Wolverines, but another slow start to the second half doomed them

-The B1G has been wild already, with Northwestern having 2 wins somehow, and the rest of the league cannibalizing itself…when does Nebraska get a win on the ledger?

Is there any part of you that wants a 2 QB system again in 2021 for Nebraska football?

-Jake was watching his Dolphins pull of a miracle in their win in the final seconds against the Raiders on Saturday, which backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick came into in place of ineffective starter Tua Tagovailoa, and performed well enough to win the game

-Jake doesn’t mind that right now with a rookie QB and a coach he believes in, because you are never guaranteed a playoff run ever in sports, and you should do whatever it takes to get there when you can

-But for Nebraska…do you want to see what you saw this year ever again with QBs? Is it a good wrinkle or a disaster to have plans for 2 QBs in a game?

Who is going to win the B1G conference in men’s hoops?

-Six teams are within one game of each other for first place (Michigan State, Illinois, Rutgers, Iowa, Penn State, Maryland) in the conference. Tonight is a huge night, with Rutgers vs. Maryland; Ohio State vs. Michigan; and Penn State vs. Michigan State. Will Tom Izzo win the league again or be outdone by an up-and-coming team?


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Ongoing discussion of B1G Transfer rules and status of Nebrasketball’s difficulty to ascend in conference next year

-Jake and Sip take more calls and texts on the big topic of the day regarding B1G Athletic Directors discussing their idea for a one-time transfer policy in Division 1 for all sports without needing to sit out a year.

-And, regarding Nebrasketball…can they really ascend quickly next year? The reasons for concern are that those “gimmie” wins of the past are now tough wins…there’s not really an easy win anywhere (Northwestern’s record is bad but they’ve played a lot of close games)


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Nebraska football gets a walk-on kicker/punter over the weekend…could there ever be as bad of a year in placekicking as we saw in 2019?

-Tyler Crawford from Oklahoma announced he’ll join the team as a preferred walk-on…whether he’s good or not or the answer or not…can the kicking game ever be as bad as it was last year ever again?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):


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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Does defense still win championships or can the Chiefs’ offensive identity continue to win big consistently?

-National Signing Day in February is all but a thing of the past…do you like it in December more or the way it always was before?

-How important is Spring Football in setting the tone for the regular season?


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B1G ADs are in support of a one-time transfer exemption in all sports…is that the proper solution to current matters?

-Ohio State AD Gene Smith told ESPN that this was the hope of B1G athletic directors, and they’re hoping to raise the current moratorium on transfer discussion this spring, in order to have a vote at the 2021 NCAA Convention

-Is this the proper way to handle the transfer epidemic? If you want to transfer twice, you’ll have to sit out a season with the new program. If you transfer just once, you can play right away. What’s the perfect solution?


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Nebraska Fantasy (sponsored by Ameristar Council Bluffs)

-This week’s question:  How many passing yards will Joe Burrow have on Saturday against Oklahoma? 

Picks:  LA Tech/Miami (Independence Bowl)     Pitt/Eastern Michigan (Quick Lane Bowl) 


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As we look ahead to a new year and new decade, do you truly believe it is possible for Nebraska to make it to the College Football Playoff?

-It’s a big step to discuss for a team that’s now missed 3 straight bowl games to end the decade. But, we’ve talked about the impressive recruiting class Nebraska pulled together despite a 5-7 season, and you’d have to think that winning consistently can help that go even higher eventually…right? 

-Wisconsin fans probably believe their team can make the playoff, and for good reason; look at 2017 when they were undefeated going into the Big Ten Championship game but lost. They were right there. Nebraska fans have been through hell…so let’s do if they really still believe..can this program get back to that level? 


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Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa look like franchise QBs in this draft…and Jake is sad because his Dolphins probably won’t get either

Burrow looked better in the game, but Tua still looked good in the second half. Yet, Jake is sad because his Dolphins won their 2nd straight game, and look like they won’t have a chance to get either QB. THAT’S. SO. DOLPHINS.