Nebraska seems to be announcing soon an opponent for the previous bye week of Oct. 27

  • Several Nebraska officials confirmed Tuesday that the Huskers are indeed trying to add an FCS opponent for Oct. 27 and that it could be done soon…is it going to be Bethune-Cookman? And how important will it be at that time to get a team you (hopefully) can beat?

How does special teams play improve while the season is going? / Shut Up Sipple

  • We mentioned yesterday that bye weeks are when you get things fixed that aren’t necessarily in preparation for the next game, but just things that are sloppy in games. Nebraska is likely to go the rest of the year without a bye week because of the cancelled home opener against Akron. So when will we start seeing improvement there? Is it possible?

The defense looks improved so far through 2 games, but what exactly do we know about it and how it will handle B1G play?

  • You never seem to be terribly worried about the B1G offenses (outside of Ohio State), but still in past years, Nebraska’s defense has been embarrassed by the ‘boring, plodding offenses.’ Nebraska’s defense does look much improved compared to last year, but what is ‘real’ and what’s left to be known?
  • Is this defense capable of melting down like past defenses? There’s no doubt the pass rush seems tons better; we’ll see how it stacks up against the bigger o-lines in the conference. What would you say your confidence level is in this unit to be there for Nebraska when they need it this year?

Chris Harrison (Nebraska Sports Car Club of America)

  • Street Survival; helping teens drive better as defensive drivers, including icy situations and more
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “What You Know” – Two Door Cinema Club

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

  • How much does your mindset change of Nebraska’s chances of beating Michigan if it’s Martinez instead of Bunch on Saturday?
  • Was the offensive line’s performance against Colorado better than it was against Troy simply because of the Bunch/Martinez difference at QB?
  • What is the outlook for the rest of the season after an 0-2 start?

Scott Frost says there’s no sacrificing the now for later – apparently not a Year Zero fan and (maybe) not a fan of sitting Adrian Martinez much longer

  • Frost seems to understand the situation of Nebraska being losers of 6 straight games and trying to learn how to win consistently again, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to throw away this year just to keep Adrian Martinez for a (hopefully) big year in 2019
  • This also shouldn’t be surprising considering Frost and his staff saw a quick rebuild at UCF and didn’t call their first year a Year Zero after inheriting an 0-12 team…why would he give up on a year when inheriting a previously 4-8 team?
  • More from Frost teleconference and also post-practice:

Jalen Hurts isn’t fond of how Alabama is handling the QB situation in Fall camp…what should Nick Saban do?

  • Also, this could be a look into how things might look at Nebraska in the future with so many guys who are going for starting spots…maybe
  • Do you give the job back to Hurts or did he really lose the job because of one bad half in the national championship game? Compare it to the Philadelphia Eagles. Nick Foles led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, but that was Carson Wentz’s team. Is that not the same for ‘Bama?

How concerned are you about the kicker position this year? / Shut Up Sipple

  • The job is (likely) to go to true freshman kicker Barrett Pickering, and for a young kicker to have so much of a role for a teams that’s trying to get confidence and learn how to win and close games in close games, a kicker can uplift or tear down the entire confidence of the team…

After last year’s horrible performance, do you worry at all about the defense believing in itself to be great this year?

  • The offense was bad last year, but the defense was worse, of course, with embarrassing point totals and yardage against good and average teams…can a group of new coaches suddenly bring confidence to players?
  • How does Nebraska avoid that? Look back at the 2008 defense for a comparison…

Do you think Urban Meyer will be coaching Ohio State this season?

  • Friday was an interesting day in Ohio State country, as former WRs coach Zach Smith went on 105.7 The Fan in Columbus and also on SportsCenter, while Meyer released a statement about his thoughts on the situation. Did it help or hurt Meyer?
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “Hang Me Up to Dry” – Cold War Kids

How important is a clean break from the previous coaching staff for players?

  • We heard back in 2015 in Mike Riley’s first year that players were reverting back to what they knew from the previous regime and contacting them with questions, too. Obviously, that caused some issues and a poor season ensued—the lack of trust was early apparently
  • Some fans wouldn’t mind if the WRs kept in contact with Keith Williams since he works with so many NFL WRs…and there was a picture recently with Stanley Morgan with a group of WRs with Williams…do you think that bothers Frost and staff?

Do you believe Nebraska will have one starting QB the whole season and, if so, is that important to you?

  • There are a lot of fans out there who believe that Tristan Gebbia will start the first few games of the season and then be replaced by Adrian Martinez. There are also many people that hope that Adrian Martinez begins the season and stays the QB the whole year. Which side do you stand on?
  • Will either situation cause a divide in fanbase and/or in locker room?