Jake played Omaha Country Club yesterday…what was his review of the course?

-Sip, for some reason, cared more about the food that was being served to the media. Of course.

-But, the golf course is fantastic. How did Jake play? Any impressive showings by others in the media?

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Preview of tonight’s Elite 8 games…who is heading to the Final Four?

-Gonzaga/USC tonight, and Michigan/UCLA…what’s the percentage chance of an all-LA final on that side of the bracket?

-If both Gonzaga and Michigan win, can the Wolverines hang with the Zags in the Final Four or not?

Is it fair for fans to put blame on Adrian / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-In the last segment, callers made their case for who is deserving of the blame…where do Sip and Jake fall in the debate? What do they think of it?

Listeners weigh in on if they believe what Frost says about his offense

-The phone lines are jacked as callers tell Sip and Jake whether or not they trust what Frost says about his Wide Receiving talent and offensive improvements.

-Is Adrian Martinez deserving of the majority of the blame for Nebraska’s offensive struggles during the Scott Frost Era.

2 teams moved on to the Final Four last night…is it who we predicted?

-Oregon State/Houston was Game 1, followed by Baylor/Arkansas…what were the outcomes?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-As a former coach, what would you say gets accomplished in the spring football session?

-Special teams has been bad for a while, and there is now no one who is labeled as the coach of that unit ahead of this year at Nebraska…why does it seem so hard for this team to get anything going there?

-Barry Alvarez is set to retire sometime this summer…would anyone dare blow up his blueprint to success at Wisconsin?

Scott Frost and other coaches and players have spoken to kick off Spring Ball…what did we learn on Monday, now?

-Frost started things off at 1pm for the spring, and addressed the Oklahoma game and more…were his answers satisfactory? Bring some more optimism on what to expect this spring and going forward?

-What else was of note from Frost and coaches/players?

-Audio from press conference…

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-The Madness is back after a year off…how great has the start of this tournament been?

-What would Lincoln be like if Nebraska was a tournament-level team that was capable of winning a game or multiple games?

-What team would be more devastating if they make a run—Creighton or Iowa?

-Arizona football coach Jedd Fisch is opening up spring football practice for the media to view at all times…will we ever see something like that again at Nebraska?

-Is Scott Frost on any sort of ‘hot seat’ for the 2021 season? If not, why so?

-The game you’re most looking forward to watching today/tonight is…??

-Let’s all make fun of Texas one more time for losing to tiny Abilene Christian…terrible look

Jake has a STRONG proclamation for if Creighton were to lose today…

-Creighton is trying to make their first Sweet 16 since the field expanded to 64 teams. They had not won a first round game in the last 7 years before they LUCKILY survived 12-seed UC-Santa Barbara on Saturday, aided by a missed layup with 2 seconds left by the Gauchos, to win by one point

-Creighton now faces 13-seed Ohio, who upset 4-seed Virginia. If the Jays can’t get past a 13-seed and a 12-seed en route to their first Sweet 16, then they deserve endless crap to the end of time, and they know that, too

March Madness certainly has delivered so far…what a beautiful, wild, crazy tournament it is

-Your bracket is likely busted. And it’s for the better for the entertainment of the tourney that it is! The B1G went 6-3 in the first round, but had bad losses by 2-seed Ohio State to Oral Roberts, and 4-seed Purdue to North Texas.

-Abilene Christian stunned Texas, Ohio beat Virginia…and there’s more than that! The Round of 32 started yesterday and goes on today…how are Jake and Sip feeling about their shaved head bets for Iowa and Creighton? Also…VCU/Oregon canceled and Oregon moves on…at least it was only one game, though…the tournament has been smooth operating otherwise

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-Thoughts on the week of NFL free agency so far…and for your Vikings? And Cethan Carter lives!

-Husker baseball heads to Iowa City for 3 games with the Hawkeyes..

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-What was your takeaway from last Friday’s debacle for Nebraska football regarding possibly trying to remove the Oklahoma game from the schedule?

-Schaefer despises the Cleveland Indians’ owners for how cheap they are, but imagine his team was owned by an athlete he despised, like the Red Sox being part-owned by LeBron James…how would he take that?