Early Break: Nebraska basketball assistants speak to the media

  • Doc Sadler makes his return to Lincoln and still is glowing to the media
  • Matt Abdelmassih discussed recruiting transfers, and his relationship with Hoiberg and Sadler
  • They are trying to tamper down expectations for Year one, is there a chance this team could be decent

Early Break: Are fans prepared to live in a world where it’s a surprise when they DON’T make the NCAA Tournament?

  • Your head basketball coach is now the 11th highest-paid coach in college hoops, so the expectations are going to be high. Even with seeing Auburn and Texas Tech in the Final 4, that’s still not the goal for a while here…but it’s going to be disappointing if they aren’t in the Dance more than not
  • Let’s ask the listeners what they have for a goal now for Hoiberg and his program….and do some deep thinking about how special this place could be in both sports in a few years…wow

Sip loves blue bloods, is he wrong?

  • College football talk
    • Is it even worth it to have a playoff with teams right now?
  • Do you agree with Sip to cheer for the Blue Bloods?
    • Or do you prefer the underdogs
  • Also: Sip confused about what’s open on MLK day

Nebrasketball sits at 3-4 in conference play following loss to Michigan State

  • Does this team go on run or will they flounder?
  • Nebraska shooting performance was hard to watch at times, is it Michigan States defense or was the team just off?
  • What major concerns hold you back from thinking that Nebraska could go 8-2 or 9-1 the next 10 games and get to the upper echelon of the conference? Have teams figured out how to defend Nebraska or not?

Maurice Washington gets some preseason hype for 2019

  •  Maurice Washington makes Athlon Sports’ list of 30 players who might break out in 2019
  • Song of The Day

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

  • Nebrasketball doesn’t get it done vs. No. 6 ranked Michigan State…what do you learn from that game?
  • Can a game like that affect the team at all and their mojo going forward, or do you just point to it being an elite team coming to town that got you on a bad shooting night for the squad?
  • James Palmer’s points were impressive, but they didn’t come when it mattered…how does Nebraska get him back to being a bigger part of the offense?

The 20-game home win streak is dead as Nebrasketball falls to Michigan State—what are the takeaways?

  • Huskers had their chances
  • James Palmer scored 24 points, but it wasn’t a real 24 points—many of those came in the last 2 minutes when the game was pretty much over. Nebraska needed more from Palmer but didn’t get it when it mattered most—but in general, Nebraska shot poorly, making only 5 of 26 3-pointers, and missing many shots around the rim
  • Sparty didn’t have starting shooting guard Joshua Langford or guard Kyle Ahrens and still found a way to come to Lincoln and extend their conference winning streak. Credit Tom Izzo—and how about Cassius Winston? Wow. Career-high 29 points on the road in a hostile environment. Major kudos to him.

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

  • Chiefs/Patriots and Saints/Rams in the championship games this weekend…who does Schaefer want to win and who does he think will win?

Oklahoma lands the prized QB transfer of the offseason once again, getting Jalen Hurts from Alabama

  • Will Oklahoma ever have a 4-year QB again? Will they ever start a freshman at QB, or will they ever HAVE TO?! They have 2 straight Heisman winners…they should attract literally any QB they want with that type of success
  • How does Jalen Hurts stack up with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray? Is this an expected drop-off at the position or will he excel with Lincoln Riley?

Things have gone off the rails, Sorensen doesn’t like cover songs

  • People who cover songs to be famous are the worst, according to Sorensen
  • Would you let Sorensen and Sipple cover your favorite song?

Would you rather go to Nebraska Vs Michigan State or Kansas City Vs New England

  • Comfort of local, warm, crazed atmosphere against a top ten team
  • OR Freezing cold weather, but you get to watch history in the making

More on Nebrasketball / Indiana, how do we feel heading into Thursday’s game against Michigan State

-Husker AD Bill Moos was in the crowd for the game…what’s he thinking following that game?

-Does this result make you think any differently of how Nebraska will play at home against top-10 ranked Michigan State?