Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t want the Chiefs to win next week in the AFC Championship?


Nebrasketball – Illinois preview / PICKS OF THE WEEKEND

  • Nebraska hosts Illinois to begin B1G play on Sunday…can they get off to a 1-0 start against the pesky Illini?
  • Alabama/Georgia
  • Oklahoma/Texas
  • Ohio State/Northwestern
  • Utah/Washington
  • Pittsburgh/Clemson
  • Nebrasketball/Illinois

Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Last week: No Show
  • Alabama (-13) vs Georgia
  • Oklahoma (-7) vs Texas
  • Ohio State (-14) vs Northwestern
  • NFL: Kansas City (-15) vs Oakland
  • NFL: Miami (-5) vs Buffalo
  • Game of the Week (NFL) Denver (-3) vs Cincinnati

Are we approaching a year and maybe multiple years where the B1G West is completely wide open and difficult to predict who comes out on top?

  • Wisconsin appears to have come back to Earth after a disappointing 7-5 season, and Iowa is good but not great, and Northwestern won it this year and has won 15 of 16 conference games somehow…while Nebraska appears to be back on the rise, as well as Purdue and Minnesota…how does this look next year and upcoming years?
  • You’d like to think that Nebraska is on the path to taking over the division sometime soon, but that might be wishful thinking. Is anyone going to take a stranglehold of the division or is it just going to be constant beating up on each other?

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

  • Railyard ice rink grand opening, NovemBEARD brews and beers festival, Holidays in Haymarket, and Nebraska Power Farming Show

Coach K and Dabo Swinney are calling out students and fans for their criticism of their very good and successful products…what if that ever happened at Nebraska with Frost/Miles/others?

  • Was there a time in Nebraska’s 60-3 stretch with Tom Osborne that the fans weren’t impressed with a certain victory enough, even though they won 3 out of 4 National Championships?
  • That would be a very good problem to have at Nebraska, with a lot of winning coming from it…can you see Frost or Miles or anyone else ever having an issue with the fans? We know Bo Pelini unfortunately…even though that wasn’t meant for public ears.

The Husker football recruiting class of 2017 continues to fall apart…how much does that affect their upcoming teams and how does Scott Frost overcome it?

  • On Thursday, Guy Thomas became the latest to leave Nebraska from their 2017 class—Nebraska had 20 players in that class, and have already lost 10 (!!) players from it, while a few others have stuck around but haven’t contributed at all yet
  • How much does this essentially failed and empty class hurt Nebraska’s chances of winning at a high level soon, and what can Scott Frost and his staff do to overcome the overall failures of the class?

A former Nebrasketballer sheds some light on his thoughts on the Doc Sadler era

  • Sek Henry tweeted out a thread on Thursday that showed appreciation for Doc Sadler off the court, but had problems with how he was able to showcase his skills on the court, and that defense was too much of a priority over offense. Is that an issue with the current roster or not? Did Sadler really get all that he could out of his players or is that a myth?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Thoughts on commitments of Nick Heinrich, Mosai Newsome and Logan Smothers
  • Will J.D Spielman be the most versatile player on the offense, or could we see Miles Jones be that guy?

Can you imagine Nebraska having a top-ranked QB in QBR like Scott Frost had at Oregon and UCF?

  • We’ve discussed that stat many times with the results he had with Marcus Mariota, Vernon Adams and McKenzie Milton…but envision that with Adrian Martinez or Tristan Gebbia or someone else…do you believe that can happen here?
  • Frost also had many comments on QBs avoiding the Nebraska fishbowl and how he recruits QBs…more audio from B1G Media Days Top National Champions cont.

  • Best champions ever should never be an underdog
  • Miami had WAY MORE NFL talent, how are they not #1?!!?
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “Bills” – LunchMoney Lewis ranks the top national champions of the BCS era, and boy, are they wrong on the top 2 teams

  • ranks the 2005 Texas team as the best champion of the BCS era, followed by 2008 Florida…followed by 2001 Miami. In WHAT world is 2001 Miami NOT the best championship team of the BCS era?! They had NFL players AT EVERY POSITION!
  • There has long been a conversation as to whether 2001 Miami or 1995 Nebraska is the best team in the history of college football—yet apparently, Miami is the 3rd best title team of the BCS era. What a joke.