6:00 – Wisconsin gets Alabama for another home-and-home in 2024 and 2025…are you pissed, jealous, or OK with staying away?

-Nebraska does have a big home-and-home coming up with Oklahoma, and that’s awesome for the sake of the old rivalry, but fans might want more than that. Alabama has been the team of the past 10+ years in college football. Why not take a stab at them? Think there was any discussion or not?

-What does those programs even look like in 2024/25? Is Wisconsin trending downward, or will they still be OK? Is Saban still coaching in 2024? Lots of questions…would be fun to try and get Clemson on the board for Nebraska or someone else elite, right? Or wait and see how Frost’s teams do before we start thinking big opponents (besides Oklahoma, of course)?

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Final thoughts on Huskers in B1G Baseball Tourney / Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

-Is Nebraska going to take the Big Ten Tourney title? Are you going to go to any games this weekend?

-Is Sip planning on having any wild parties this holiday weekend?

Do Memorial Stadium and Pinnacle Bank Arena need to implement alcohol sales? / Shut Up Sipple

-It’s a topic every offseason, and it’s a topic again, because Bill Moos was asked about it, and said it’d be under consideration in the suites, but not in the general stands

-Is that the proper way to do it? At basketball and baseball games, too? Jake would like to be able to get a beer while watching Husker athletics, but also is fine not doing so—because that’s always been how it is. Would it enhance the viewing experience for fans or make it worse for others around them?


A Division III team has been involuntarily kicked out of its conference for…being too good

-University of St. Thomas, of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC), was removed from its conference on Wednesday due to competitive advantages; 6 championships since 2010 and 2 other appearances in the championship that they lost. OK with this or not?

Today’s Song of the Day brings up some music pet peeves for Sip & Jake

-‘The Cave’ by Mumford and Sons is Jake’s Song of the Day, and the guys discuss how the band has changed their way from being about the banjo to more of pop rock, and lament others who have changed from what made them popular to going to other styles of music

P.J. Fleck thinks society has a commitment problem…is he really able to comment on that?

-Fleck reiterated this week that if a player commits to his school, he isn’t allowed to visit any other schools—citing that society has a problem with commitment, and that’s not going to happen at his school on his watch

-Fleck didn’t honor his commitment at Western Michigan and left for Minnesota before his contract was up (obviously this happens a lot), but he also poached commits away from there to the new school…is he OK to say these things?

April 6th: An update of The Masters—and Sergio Garcia makes us all feel like we belong for one hole on the PGA Tour

7:45 –

-Tony Finau, who rolled his ankle in Wednesday’s Par 3 contest, ends up playing and has a phenomenal first round, while Tiger Woods battles through his round to a solid round of 1-over par…with no birdies on any par 5s!

-Sergio Garcia puts 5 balls in the water on hole 15 and cards a 13….congrats to you for being as good as a tour pro for one hole at the Masters!

April 6th: What’s the scoop at the linebackers spot and with depth? / Shut Up Sipple

7:25 –

-Good audio from Barrett Ruud and Jovan Dewitt on linebackers yesterday…what are we looking at with the spot in the fall?

April 6th: Can Nebraska get the level of physicality back that fans desire with Scott Frost and his players

7:00 –

-Nebraska is getting stronger again and faster under Scott Frost, but will it deliver the physicality that made Nebraska so dominant in their glory days? Frost has said he wants to get back to what made this place special, and that was no-doubt a big part of it

-Can you be physical in this type of offense? And will the defense follow suit and be physical? How much can they change from one year to the next?

April 6th: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Visitors and Convention Bureau)

-Bullet points from email….what’s coming up in Lincoln this week and month?


April 6th: Do you believe the chemistry with players is better going into next year for Nebrasketball than last year?

6:25 – Do you believe the chemistry with players is better going into next year for Nebrasketball than last year?

-Isaiah Roby apparently has entered his name for NBA Draft considerations but is unlikely to hear his name mentioned yet—joining Isaac Copeland and James Palmer, Jr.

-Last time at this year, Tim Miles said there was a single file line of guys wanting to talk about their roles with the team or transferring—-he says that is not the case this tim

April 6th: Erik Chinander acts like he has more to work with than he expected to have when he first took over the Husker defense…does that speed up the process?


-Was it just confusion last year that caused epic breakdowns in the defense every game? Or were they just lacking talent? The talent level definitely isn’t what Bill Callahan left Bo Pelini left for his first few years of his tenure at Nebraska, but it’s definitely not lacking. Could Chinander have the same type of impact immediately that Pelini did defensively?

-Why does everyone think that the defense is bound to be terrible? They were bad last year, yes—but they have guys who were highly rated in recruiting everywhere defensively..