November 11: Back to the College Football Playoff rankings….is it possible for Husker fans to root for Wisconsin?

November 11: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

What do you expect to see this Saturday? Potential record loss for the program? And POB or Tanner Lee?

-If it’s Lee, how do you fully prepare him for what he’s about to face on a rabid Senior Day in Happy Valley?

November 11: Bill Moos hired Mike Leach the day after the 2011 season ended….could we see a similar timeline for Nebraska’s next coach?

-Could Scott Frost be named the next coach the day after Nebraska’s season ended? Seems like a ‘no’ since UCF has so much to play for, in a likely conference championship setting…can’t distract them from that

-The point is that it needs to likely be quick to help get recruits who are tempted to sign early at different schools to think otherwise. Is there any scenario where, if it was Frost, he would not coach the bowl game for UCF and would start at Nebraska immediately for the recruiting effect?

-Leach was unemployed at the time when he was hired, so that made it more possible for him to start immediately at Washington State