Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-How many Husker baseball fans do you expect to make the trip to Fayetteville?

-Do you think Nebraska got screwed with the regional or do you understand the proximity purpose?

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Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Jacquez Yant gets a scholarship from Nebraska after a great Spring…how much of a chance does he have to get significant playing time?

-Coach K stepping down after the season at Duke, and Brad Stevens is out with Boston…any chance he makes his way to Duke?

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Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-The water faucet is turned all the way on for recruiting and visits as June is here…what’s the next few days and week look like for Nebraska?

-What does Schaefer know about 2024 Bellevue West QB Daniel Kaelin, who just got offers from Nebraska and Florida State?

-Nebraska makes MJ Morris’ top 3…will they earn his commitment or not?

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Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next on Rick’s personal favorite albums countdown? And will Sip get his trivia questions right?

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Brad Stevens is out with the Boston Celtics…will Nebraska fans always worry about the possibility of Fred Hoiberg going back to the NBA?

-Stevens and the Celtics lost their series to the Nets in 5 games, and Stevens was removed from his position the next day. Fred Hoiberg doesn’t seem like a name to watch for this job, but it makes you wonder going forward

-When (and if ) Fred gets it going here, is the league going to call his name again?

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Coach K’s retirement following the season makes Jake and Sip reminisce on how difficult it is to follow a legend—which Frank Solich had to do

-Coach K announced on Wednesday that he’d retire at the end of this season, and it looks like former Duke player and current assistant Jon Scheyer might be the guy to replace him

-Frank Solich had the impossible task of following a legend in Tom Osborne…does Sip remember what the conversation was like regarding the expectations and how to project those with what T.O. accomplished?

-Will Duke be the same without Coach K?

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DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us his best NCAA Tournament Teams of All-Time.

  • Texas Western
  • UNLV (1989-1990)
  • Duke (1991-1992)
  • UNC (1981-1982)
  • Indiana (1975-1976)

…All of those make the list

The Drive: February 16th, 4:25pm – Why can’t we call people out anymore

  • Duke freshman Jalen Johnson opts out of the rest of the season with a few games left
  • Jon Rothstein does a tweet
  • Let me say this, Rothstein sucks and I’m not taking sides one way or another, BUT….Like….he…quit….right?

DP & Stephens: Did Coach K overreact?

A clip over the weekend of Coach K answering a question from a student reporter garnered a lot of attention so we give our thoughts.

Did Coach overreact?

The Drive: September 18th, 2:45pm – Classic elitist Duke

  • Backing out of a tournament because they couldn’t bare to breathe the air in SOUTH DAKOTA
  • Bahamas vs South Dakota

The Drive: June 9th, 4pm

  • Duke has a statement that they are worried about NIL
  • Just a reminder, the Purdue game is like the biggest game ever
  • BREAKING NEWS: Coaches don’t stay at places for long
  • ESPN is out here stealing my bit, AGAIN!
  • Baseball needs to be back