DP & Stephens: May 20th, 1:25pm – Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

  • Mitch Sherman of the Athletic joins the guys to talk Nebraska football and their trip to Dublin in 2022

DP & Stephens: May 20th, 11am – Nebraska Football to Ireland in 2022

  • PGA Leaderboard
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • DP is scared of heights

Do you still believe that Scott Frost and Mario Verduzco can develop elite-level QBs at Nebraska?

-Frost has a history of development with Marcus Mariota, Vernon Adams, and McKenzie Milton, all who had great years under him. Adrian Martinez had that kind of hype after his first season, before things went wrong with injuries and depleted talent levels, and possibly a loss of confidence in himself.

-Development is the word again. Can you still have an elite QB without elite WRs? If you look at Oregon, it’s not like their WRs went on to have a ton of NFL success. For UCF, they had some players go pro. Can a QB — whether it’s Martinez or someone else — still be elite under their guidance or is something off?

DP & Stephens: Robin Washut, Husker Online

Robin Washut of Husker Online joins the guys to discuss the Husker men’s basketball program before they return to the hardwood against Michigan St. tomorrow.

  • who does Robin think the best team in the conference is?
  • Switching to football, what’s Robin’s reaction to the schedule?
  • Nebraska is still scheduled to play their opening week in Dublin, Ireland…what’s the possibility of that actually happening?