Jake’s NFL Week 17 Winners and Losers

-Jake’s Dolphins were unquestionably the biggest loser on Sunday, but who else made the list?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Notre Dame gets made fun of a lot for their lack of success in big games, but wouldn’t Nebraska fans kill for what they have?

-ESPN Stats & Info put out a stat that Notre Dame is 0-7 since 1998 in BCS or New Year’s Six games, being outscored by 161 points and all 7 losses being by 14+ points

-That’s not a fun thing to deal with, but think about the 8 straight bowl losses Nebraska had at one time in its history and compare that to now…that doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Happy New Year! Ohio State pummels Clemson and offers a refreshing championship game, and Jake couldn’t be happier….what about Sip, though?

-Although it feels like we see Clemson/Alabama every year, don’t forget it was LSU/Clemson last year, so it technically wouldn’t have been what feels like an 8th straight year of this matchup. But it didn’t end up that way, anyways

-How about the Buckeyes? 6 TD passes for Justin Fields, who was battling an injury for the whole 2nd half, and Ohio State blew the doors off of Trevor Lawrence and company. Does this make the championship that much more intriguing to you? And what a showing for the B1G this makes now!

-Also, some good news for Nebraska, with JoJo Domann returning and a commitment from Hawaii

Scott Frost, Fred Hoiberg, and more spoke yesterday…what did we learn?

-Fred Hoiberg said that one player had COVID on the team but no longer has it, and also that Lat Mayen continues to shoot lights out from 3-point land in drills and practice. What else?

-And how about the big man, Scott Frost? What’s his state of mind ahead of the season, now just 10 days away? More from him and players…

-Also, Tuesday Night Football thoughts from Bills/Titans…

Admit it…as a Nebraska football fan, you love to see teams like the 49ers and Titans succeed in the NFL Playoffs

-Look at both of those teams..not full with the biggest free agents by any means or the biggest stars in the game…and they just play hard, physical football, solid defense, and they run the ball ferociously whenever they want behind great offensive line play…brings a tear to Husker fans’ eyes to see that

-Could football be shifting back to run-heavy again? We’ve been in such a pass, pass, pass era that it’s refreshing to see old-school football still win. It’d be fun to see Nebraska ride Dedrick Mills more…


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