The Drive: September 16th, 5:25pm – Victory Lap

  • The Clippers lost, Ryan has been right the whole time about Kawhi and the Clippers
  • Happers Nuggets come back from down 3-1 for the SECOND time in the SAME PLAYOFFS

The Drive: September 14th, 5:25pm – NUGGETS! CLIPPERS!

  • Ryan is hyped to see the Clippers lose…if they do
  • Kawhi slander will be in full effect
  • He is a very confusing superstar

The Drive: May 8th, 5pm

  • CONSIDER THIS – Is Nebraska getting too much hype?
  • Is “Gloria” a good victory song?
  • ANOTHER LIST – Top coaches in College Football (Power 5)
  • The Nuggets are basically the pre-Durant Warriors: MY COLUMN
  • Wrap things up