Can J.D. Spielman, Wan’Dale Robinson and Maurice Washington fix Nebraska’s poor kick/punt return game?

-When you’re at the bottom of the nation in a stat like that, like Nebraska was last year, it’s a big red flag and a major problem. Jovann Dewitt mentioned on Tuesday that he believes Spielman can be explosive, and the others, too

-Return game has really been an issue ever since the last days of DPE in 2014 (man, did we take that for granted)…can that be another part of Nebraska’s game this year that has a drastic improvement?

6:25 – We’ve discussed offense and defense when it comes to getting Nebraska over the hump this year…but how much does special teams need to improve, and how much can it?

-We still go back to 2014 for the last time Nebraska had a big-time returner, with Demornay Pierson-El…since then? Not much. A decent return here or there, but in general—disappointing.

-How much emphasis should there be on finding solid returners in the Fall? Not just one guy—multiple. It’s a phase of the game that for some reason has been below average for 4 straight years at Nebraska. Can they emphasize the return game in camp? And who punts this year? Pickering solid at kicker….


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