The Recruiting Hour: June 3rd

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Where does Andy Ruiz’s technical knockout over Anthony Joshua rank on the list of all-time boxing upsets?

– Fat guys rule.
– Andy Ruiz won by TKO in the seventh round over British sensation and three-belt champion
Anthony Joshua. Ruiz was a +1200 underdog. He’s 33-1 but underestimated because of his pudgy
physique. Ruiz is also the first Mexican heavyweight champion.
– Does this compare to Buster/Tyson?

The NBA Finals are now tied. With the series moving to Golden State, are the Raptors now at a breaking point in the series?

– The Warriors were on fire in the second half, and withstood iffy calls and close replays toward
the end.
– Andre Igoudala with the dagger. Dude’s a finals MVP and he showed it there.
– Raptors did well in the first half, then allowed Golden State to go on a 18-0 run to start the third
quarter. Paul Pierce of NBA on ESPN said the Raptors “didn’t want it enough” as teams that do don’t allow
large runs like that. Is there truth to it in this case?

With the gut-punch homer by Cowboys that sent Nebraska home from the regionals, let’s think of other distressing, near-misses in Nebraska athletics

– Remember some times where Nebraska almost got to a big-time, program-boosting win. One
that would’ve sent shockwaves through the state.
– Also, what are some of the closest, heartbreaking, angering and agonizing losses in recent memory?

Meet the new ‘Early Break’ EP Jake Bartecki

– Also Song of the Day

A lot of blame is steered toward Darin Erstad, is it warranted?

– How much blame should Erstad get for the decisions in the game?
– It was a strong end to the season, however, it ended in frustrating fashion. How’s the state of
Husker baseball? This is a younger team full of underclassmen who contributed well, but do changes need
to be made?
– When, what, or how will the breaking point be for fans on Husker baseball?

Husker baseball eliminated from the NCAA Tournament – in gruesome fashion

– Hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it? What’s to say about the decisions that were made at the end of the
Oklahoma State game. Is it fair to say Nebraska should have walked Trevor Boone, instead of him slamming
a three-run home run, giving Oklahoma State the lead in the ninth?
– Nebraska must utilize this experience and learn if they can get back next year.
– Are you ok with the Oklahoma State kid bat flipping?

The Drive: May 28th, 5pm

  • Is there a myth out there about players leaving the state of Nebraska in baseball and having success?
  • It’s gonna take awhile Nebraska baseball fans
  • Man of the Weekend
  • NBA Corner
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: May 28th, 3pm

  • Nebraska Baseball gets all the way to the Big Ten final
  • Back to Bricktown
  • Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: May 24th, 5pm

  • Upset opportunities for teams ranked in the Top 25 of CFB
  • D-3 team gets kicked out of their conference for being to good…DUMB
  • Jay Foreman (Former Husker/NFL LB)
  • Bill Moos on the CFP
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: May 24th, 4pm

  • College Football post-season schedule reaction from Dan Wolken
  • Snowver Under
  • Whats in the Box

The Drive: May 24th, 3pm

  • Nebraska 10-run rules Iowa…TD CHARM
  • All-NBA incentives
  • Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)