The Recruiting Hour: January 6th – Damon Benning cont.

  • Whats up with the Omaha metro high school players and not choosing Nebraska

The Recruiting Hour: January 6th – Damon Benning (Former Husker, 1620 Co-Host)

  • Defensive players returning

The Recruiting Hour: October 7th – Damon Benning (1620 co-host)

  • Huskers football
  • NEBPreps, any player or team surprising you?

The Recruiting Hour: August 3rd – Damon Benning (former Husker current radio host in Omaha)

  • Sons athletic summer
  • OPS and the possibility of no sports
  • High School transfers?
  • NSAA wants to continue forward

The Recruiting Hour: May 5th

  • Opening Statement
  • Damon Benning – 1620 Radio Host (23:55)
  • Texts and Calls

The Recruiting Hour: August 9th

  • Opening Splash
  • Flashback Friday: Damon Benning – Former Husker RB ’93-’96 (24:53)
  • Texts and Calls