The Drive: July 27th, 4pm – Vaccines, Masks, and COVID

  • Are we really about to have to wear masks again?
  • Just get the dang vaccine!

The Drive: July 16th, 3:25pm – What are we headed for this fall with College Football and COVID

  • The Yankees situation is interesting
  • As far as I understand it, and I know it’ll be this way in the NFL – if your team and its personnel are vaccinated beyond a certain threshold (85%), restrictions slide away
  • I think as a team, you owe it to yourselves to not put yourselves through that again. That means getting vaccinated. It’s simple. You’re trying to not get tested

The Drive: May 14th, 4pm – How will college football handle vaccinations

  • If a fully vaccinated team is supposed to play a team with partial vaccinations and the partial team has a COVID outbreak and can’t play, should that be a forfeit?
  • What about non-fully vaccinated teams going to states that require vaccinations?
  • Will, there be a universal rule sent down by the NCAA?

The Drive: May 13th, 3pm – The CDC has an announcement for all of us

  • Masks may become unnecessary for fully vaccinated people in certain indoor areas!
  • Getting back to normal??
  • The Royals are making a comeback aaaaaaaand now they have lost 11 in a row

DP & Stephens: Jaylen Reyes, Husker Volleyball

Husker Volleyball Assistant Coach Jaylen Reyes joins DP and Tom.

  • We discuss last weekend’s cancellation.
  • With the break in games, what is the team up to?
  • Is everyone healthy?

Is Saturday going to be a ground-and-pound game for the offense, or do they need to open it up?

-Wisconsin might be without 3 QBs, but they still have a stout defense, which held Illinois to just 7 points in the opener. No matter what Nebraska does defensively, it won’t change the challenge that faces the offense

-We said that Dedrick Mills is a major key to the team before the season, and even though he scored a TD against Ohio State, he wasn’t that important. He was great against the Badgers last year…will that happen again? Nebraska must find ways to not turn the ball over and convert in the red zone

The Recruiting Hour: October 27th – Evan Flood (Wisconsin 247Sports)

  • Whats going on with the Badgers?
  • Graham Mertz is really good, why are we just now seeing him?

The Recruiting Hour: October 27th – Opening Segment

  • Wisconsin positive tests, down to the 4th string QB?
  • What does this mean for the Wisconsin-Nebraska game?

Will a lack of flexibility by Big Ten mean cancellations rather than postponements due to COVID?

-SEC being hit hard with positive covid tests. 2 games postponed and Nick Saban testing positive. Will the B1G lack of flexibility mean cancellations instead of postponements? This is part of the reason everyone will be bowl eligible

-PBA gameday event called off

The Drive: September 29th, 4:45pm – The NFL has the COVID

  • MLB Playoffs on the screens in the studio
  • Titans ALLEGEDLY knew they had a positive player and still elected to have them travel
  • COVID protocol in sports

DP & Stephens: Big 10 Talk

DP and Tom talk about what the return of Big 10 football will look like.

DP & Stephens: Connor Happer

Connor Happer joins Tom and DP to talk about the Big 10’s return to play.