DP & Stephens: Moos Talk

DP and Tom discuss Bill Moos’ comments about a potential Big 10 return to play.

The Drive: July 27th, 5:25pm – Sipple article conversation cont.

  • Sipple’s column raises some questions
  • Lou Will went to Magic City for WINGS and now must face the consequences and not play for a few days
  • Any food that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to have when you are close to them?

The Drive: July 27th, 5pm – What is the responsibility of the Nebraska Football program to the city of Lincoln?

  • Sipple’s column raises some questions

DP & Stephens: Husker Football COVID-19 Update

Tom and DP discuss the news on COVID-19 testing and positives for the Huskers.

What If Wednesday: What if the college football season was moved to late winter/spring because of COVID-19?

-The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel laid out a scenario that would put college football starting right around the time of college basketball, and could provide one of the most exciting 10-day stretches of sports probably ever—the big bowl games intertwined with the Final Four and championship, and then the Masters, and then that all leads into baseball and NBA playoffs following that in April

-That all sounds exciting and cool, but it wouldn’t be that cool if we had to wait that long for football. Hopefully in that scenario there are fans in the stands…would you rather have a delayed season that still had all games played and with fans, or play the games at the normal dates and possibly without fans?

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The University of Cincinnati has already cut men’s soccer due to budgetary issues stemming from COVID-19…how affected will Nebraska be when all is said and done?

-Cincinnati AD John Cunningham said in a statement that long-term budget implications are coming from the loss of the spring sports season and possibly beyond, and that they are cutting men’s soccer. No other announcements on programs have been announced yet there, but this could be the start

-Is there any chance that any sports are cut collectively by the NCAA because of COVID-19? Obviously many schools will cut different sports for budgetary reasons…what will Nebraska get affected by if anything?

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Does anyone want to guess on when we’ll see live sports again in the world?

-COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, and who knows when it will officially peak and when we’ll start to see a decline. USA Swimming has already called for the Olympics to be pushed back a year, and we’ll see what happens with that

-Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said it could be until November when things get back to normal. That seems a littttttttle bit politically coincidental (elections!) and most are more optimistic than that, but that’s an opinion out there. Will we see a baseball season and finish a basketball season?

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After all that was canceled today, how shocking is it that State Hoops went on as scheduled today? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-The boys state tourney went on as scheduled—and we’ll see if the rest of the tourney goes on the same way or not

-But we were informed about March Madness being canceled right before Jake went on the call for a C1 first round game…how shocking is it that the first round continued to happen?

March Madness is March Sadness: There will be no NCAA Tournament this year..and no College World Series

-F*** you, Coronavirus. The sports world is dead as we know it, with everything in sight being canceled or suspended until further notice. March Madness is no longer for the year, and the economy will suffer because of it, and so will everyone’s lives who are improved by the glorious tournament

-Who do you feel worst for this year’s tourney? Rutgers? Seton Hall? Creighton? Dayton? What a rough thing…Nebraska chose a good year to be bad

-Also…Omaha is screwed. Think about how much money they thought they’d bring in from the NCAA Tourney first 2 rounds and also College World Series…yiiiiiiiiiiiikes.

How important is it to fans to have a Spring Game, and how damaging is it to not have it?

-It’s a real possibility that this happens with everything going on. What a loss for the Lincoln economy it would be more than anything.

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

Think about the timeline of events that’s coming up and how this could affect them…

-The NBA is approaching the playoffs at the end of April. You have important games in the next 1.5 months that are important for seeding and it may go without fans in attendance

-The Masters is one of the most iconic sporting events in the world…could it be played without fans? NFL Draft? MLB season? College baseball? Hopefully it’s cleared up by June but….the College World Series for Omaha?

-Also, did Nebrasketball show up at all last night against Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament with 2 football players on the roster or not?

Holy crap—the NCAA Tournament is officially going to be played with no fans allowed in attendance due to coronavirus concerns

-Mark Emmert and the NCAA announced yesterday that the NCAA Tournament will go on as scheduled, but it will be without any fans in attendance. Empty gyms except for media and coaches/players/refs. That’s going to be pretty damn hard to imagine

-The boy’s state basketball tournament in Lincoln begins today and will only have players/coaches/some media and immediate family allowed in attendance

-This is going to be a strange, strange time in the history of sports. How long will it last for?