The Drive: April 9th, 5pm

  • New “Tiger King” Episode
  • Wisconsin doesn’t want its Spring Sport athletes back
  • What teams are most likely to be the “Newcomer” in the College Football Playoff? LETS HAVE A DRAFT!
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: December 30th, 5pm

  • Bowl games and rooting for your conference
  • Robin Washut REPLAY
  • Wrap things up

DP & Stephens: December 30th, 11am

  • College Football Playoff talk
  • The downfall of Nebraska football
  • Steve Sipple: Lincoln Journal Star
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DP & Stephens: December 27th, 12pm

  • Is not being a bowl game this year really that big of a deal?
  • College Football Playoff breakdown
  • Wing Man

As we look ahead to a new year and new decade, do you truly believe it is possible for Nebraska to make it to the College Football Playoff?

-It’s a big step to discuss for a team that’s now missed 3 straight bowl games to end the decade. But, we’ve talked about the impressive recruiting class Nebraska pulled together despite a 5-7 season, and you’d have to think that winning consistently can help that go even higher eventually…right? 

-Wisconsin fans probably believe their team can make the playoff, and for good reason; look at 2017 when they were undefeated going into the Big Ten Championship game but lost. They were right there. Nebraska fans have been through hell…so let’s do if they really still believe..can this program get back to that level? 


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The College Football Playoff is set, and it looks like it’s going to be incredibly fun this year

-LSU routed Georgia in the SEC Championship Game (37-10) to do enough to earn the 1st overall seed, followed by Ohio State (34-21 winners over Wisconsin in B1G title game); Clemson (62-17 winners over Virginia in ACC Championship game); and Oklahoma (30-23 winners over Baylor in Big 12 title game)

-How good is that Ohio State/Clemson game going to be? Wow…wouldn’t expect the 38-0 game like the last time those 2 teams played in the playoff…

-What other bowl games are intriguing beyond the playoff? Minnesota lands a January 1st bowl….

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We didn’t think the hype could go any higher, but it just did—ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky picks Nebraska as his darkhorse team to make the COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF

-WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!? This is it. We’ve found it. The highest the hype can go. No one in their right mind can pick Nebraska in the national championship, or winning it. But we also didn’t foresee anyone picking Nebraska to be in the TOP 4 TEAMS OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY

-Orlovsky pointed out on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ that Nebraska doesn’t have any extremely tough road games, and all the tough games come to them. That’s true, and no one denies that. But if you’re expecting them to finish all of those games off, that might be a lot for year 2 of the program

This upcoming Nebraska football season keeps getting stranger by the day for expectations

-Super Book USA sportsbook put Nebraska’s odds of making the College Football Playoff at 6/1, behind the likes of Alabama and Clemson (1/6); Georgia (1/1); Michigan (9/4); Ohio State (3/1); Oklahoma (7/2); LSU (4/1); and Texas (5/1)….so Nebraska has the 9th best odds of making the playoffs this year

-Is it possible that Nebraska could actually be TARGETED now, instead of being the hunters? What a strange, strange dynamic. Go 4-8 two straight years, and all of a sudden you have top 10 odds to make the College Football Playoff. So much for sneaking up on teams….all this attention might make you think that other teams are circling the Nebraska game to bring them down a peg…right?

The Drive: May 24th, 4pm

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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: November 27th, 4pm

  • Mitch Sherman: ESPN
  • Is Alabama’s resume good enough to get in as is?
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