Early Break: Husker head coach talk

  • Give Jake Thad Matta or give him death
    • 24-13 in NCAA tournament
  • Is this the coach Husker fans want?
  • Is Matta a better option than Hoiberg, Lue or Marshall?

Early Break: Scott Frost needs to find a new defensive line coach, as Mike Dawson moves on to the NFL

  • The Giants announced the move on Monday, as Dawson will be coaching outside linebackers with the team next season
  • Does Frost look to bring John Parella back or someone else? How important was Dawson to this team? And this is the first coach to leave Frost’s staff…will more guys get picked off by NFL/bigger jobs?

Cary Cochran (Nebrasketball shooting guard)

  • Cary gives his opinion on Husker head coaching desire compared to other schools
  • How is the Nebrasketball program right now?
  • Cary predicted things to fall apart earlier this season, what did he see back then?

Early Break: Wrap-Up

  • Sip kind of knows his coaches?
  • Stories with Sipple
  • Wrapping up the rest of the show

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

  • Who could be the next head coach?
  • Lots of yelling
  • Ty Lue?
    • Jake says not in his house folks