How do you coach tough in sports nowadays without getting in trouble?

-Back to Rhonda Revelle—who is on administrative leave at the moment. She’s in the same conversation as Connie Yori, who was let go because of potentially poor treatment of players

-There are so many coaches in the history of time that have won because of tough love and hard coaching, yet now that gets coaches in trouble. How do Hoiberg and Frost make it work in today’s day and age without going over the top?

Bruce Feldman refers to Mario Verduzco as the most unique person he’s ever met in football…who else would Sip put in that category?

-Feldman, of The Athletic, wrote a nice piece about Verduzco and how he goes about coaching the QB position and all the other ins and outs of his life…good read, for sure

-Verduzco certainly is up there for interesting guys…who else has Sip endured in his time covering the teams that he views as ‘unique/interesting’?

Rob Childress likely out of the running for the Nebraska Baseball head coaching position

-Multiple reports show it’s less and less likely

-Did he take himself out of the running? Who is next on the list?

More potential candidate options for the Nebraska baseball job / Shut Up Sipple

-Brian O’Connor at Virginia? Coastal Carolina head coach? Jake and Sip take suggestions from listeners on who might fill Erstad’s void as Nebraska’s head coach

Early Break: Is Scott Frost a Top 25 head coach in the nation or a Top 10 coach?

  • CBS Sports went through their top coaches the other day, and a group of writers voted Scott Frost as the No. 25 coach in the nation, behind the likes of Paul Chryst, Matt Campbell, David Cutcliffe, Kirk Ferentz, and Pat Fitzgerald, among others
  • Barton Simmons, of CBS Sports and 247 Sports, thinks that Frost is the No. 7 coach in the nation—-a rating that Husker fans surely like to see. But doesn’t that seem like more of what he ‘could be’? Would anyone right now feel comfortable—besides Simmons—of putting him that high? 25 might seem too low, but 7 seems too high. Where would you put him?

Early Break: The situation that many feared for Nebraska with Bill Moos just happened at Texas A&M

  • Scott Woodward, the A.D. at Texas A&M who hired Jimbo Fisher last offseason and JUST hired Buzz Williams for basketball, announced he was taking the LSU job after Joe Alleva stepped down from the position
  • The rumor for a while has been saying that Bill Moos would step down soon, despite just landing 2 marquee coaches…how should A&M’s new coaches feel toward Woodward? Understanding, or pissed?

Early Break: Which program will recruit at a higher level going forward at Nebraska: football or men’s basketball?

  • Is this as easy of an answer as you think it should be? The easy answer is Scott Frost; look what he’s done already with guys like Adrian Martinez in elevating his play since he got here, and other guys. But can Frost consistently land a ton of 4 and 5 star guys? Maybe, but that’s tough
  • Basketball, as we know, is nowhere near the same prestige level of football. But……they ARE now paying their assistants a lot of money, including the 2nd and 5th highest paid assistants in the conference (Matt Abdelmassih, Doc Sadler)….which makes you expect more in recruiting. Will they ever get higher classes than what football gets? Interesting conversation.

Early Break: How long will it take for fans to believe that Nebrasketball can actually be a consistent tournament team

  • Hiring Fred Hoiberg helps the conversation, as well as committing to a large salary pool for assistants.
  • When do you start to buy in that it can happen hear? Coaches aren’t scared of the task at hand
  • More audio from coaches

Early Break: Nebraska basketball assistants speak to the media

  • Doc Sadler makes his return to Lincoln and still is glowing to the media
  • Matt Abdelmassih discussed recruiting transfers, and his relationship with Hoiberg and Sadler
  • They are trying to tamper down expectations for Year one, is there a chance this team could be decent

Early Break: So this Doc Sadler thing is going to happen..

  • Think about how crazy that is—Sadler was fired by Nebraska in 2012, yet he resigns from his head coaching position yesterday at Southern Miss—where he won 20 games this year—to likely come back to Nebraska and be an assistant coach. When does that happen anywhere, ever?!
  • Also, Fred Hoiberg confirmed on the Jon Rothstein podcast (we have audio) that he is retaining Armon Gates and has Bobby Lutz on the staff in some regard
  • Who will get bigger cheers at basketball games…Hoiberg or Sadler?

Early Break: Texas Tech is in the national championship tonight…does Nebrasketball have the right formula with Fred Hoiberg?

  • Texas Tech is incredible defensively, and has built a culture in doing so….and a good tweet showing the team they have and what their recruiting rankings shows what a great job Chris Beard has done with development
  • Both teams in tonight’s national championship are built firmly on defense…Fred Hoiberg has never really been known for that, but actually as an offensive juggernaut…does his coaching philosophy fit in for a long, productive run in the Big Dance?

Early Break: Is there a university out there with as formidable of a 1-2 punch in football and basketball than Nebraska

  • Life comes at you fast—Nebraska all of a sudden is at the top, there. Others in conversation? Dantonio/Izzo (Michigan State); Harbaugh/Beilein (Michigan); then who? Malzahn/Pearl (Auburn)?
  • Shut up Sipple