Early Break: Are we sure Craig Smith shouldn’t be a candidate to be Nebrasketball’s next head coach?

  • Craig Smith continues to rise the ranks of coaching, especially after he has quickly turned Utah State around and looking to clinch an at-large NCAA tournament bid
    • He also turned around South Dakota.
  • Would Bill Moos consider Smith? Or does he need more time to prove himself?
  • Who are the coaching targets?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • -Where do we go with Nebraska basketball? Are you tired of the conversation of analysts saying, ‘who can you get?’
    • Why is that a thing?
  • Schaefer has news of an offer from Nebrasketball that went out for a 6’10” center…what’s the scoop there?
  • What are the optics for the head coaching search

Early Break: It’s time for fans to come back down to Earth in a potential coaching change

  • Nebraska might be a top 50 coaching spot
  • Stadium’s Jeff Goodman wrote about the Big 10 jobs back in October, and put Nebraska at 9th in the B1G alone
  • Former Nebrasketball shooting guard Cary Cochran joined ‘Early Break’ last week and told Sip & Jake that national analysts view Nebrasketball as a Top 50 job at best in the nation.