The Drive: July 19th, 4pm – You get to pick one decision Nebraska gets back in the last 10 years – what is it?

  • Joining the Big Ten is not an option
  • firing of coaches, hiring of AD’s, hiring of coaches…
  • This is kind of the point…

The Drive: July 16th, 3pm – Roasting Big Ten coaches, and then complimenting them

  • Gotta see it from both sides
  • The compliments were really hard to come up with

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us his list of Top 10 Husker Coaches ever — across all sports

  • Bill Straub
  • Connie Yori
  • Mark Manning
  • Terry Petit
  • John Cook

These are just a few of the names — listen to find out the rest

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us his list of the ten best coaches.

  • Pat Summit
  • Nick Saban
  • Phil Jackson
  • Bill Belichek
  • Bear Bryant
  • Bobby Bowden
  • Vince Lombardi
  • John Wooden

The Drive: March 16th, 3pm – Turns out, coaches are still getting fired during a pandemic

  • We were dumb for having that thought, in hindsight
  • You can just have rich boosters step in if they really want it done
  • Does it underscore that universities haven’t struggled as much as we thought? Especially at this level?
  • The coaching carousel domino effect, can’t wait

The Drive: December 14th, 4:25pm – Some coaches got fired this weekend

  • Lovie Smith at Illinois. Lovie steadied the ship, is Illinois ready to take off?
  • Gus Malzahn is fired with a mega buy out attatched

DP & Stephens: Tom’s 10

Today’s edition of Tom’s 10 features Tom’s top 10 Husker coaches.

The Drive: July 8th, 4pm – You didn’t need to be reminded, but Scott Frost is not on the hot seat

  • Dennis Dodd is probably angry at Scott
  • This ain’t it
  • How can you go from untouchable to hottest seat in one year?
  • Where should it be?
  • Where does the rest of the Big Ten sit?

The Drive: June 17th, 3pm – Oh god, Big Ten coaches as women

  • I’m not gonna lie, some of them actually look pretty hot
  • Happer did a research project, and it’s about Nebraska’s roster talent

The Drive: June 9th, 4pm

  • Duke has a statement that they are worried about NIL
  • Just a reminder, the Purdue game is like the biggest game ever
  • BREAKING NEWS: Coaches don’t stay at places for long
  • ESPN is out here stealing my bit, AGAIN!
  • Baseball needs to be back

The Drive: June 5th, 5pm

  • Oklahoma State Basketball gets a one year postseason ban
  • Big Ten coach rankings
  • Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: May 21st, 3pm

  • CBS Sports finished off their coach rankings
  • Chris Heady (Omaha World Herald)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)