WE WILL NOT DISCUSS POLITICS ON THIS SHOW but what Trump offered the Clemson Tigers on their White House visit it just fantasti

  • President Trump buys fast food for the Clemson football team due to the government shutdown
    • Sorensen loves this idea
    • would the players be happy or disappointed about it?
    • Sorensen would feast with that much food around him

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: January 4th, 2pm

  • Snow gets triggered
  • What happens if Nebrasketball goes 1-2 the next three games?
  • I would rather watch every NFL game this weekend than the CFP Championship
  • Arrested Eagle fan

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: September 26th, 2pm

  • Kelly Bryant transfers, does college football have a transfer problem or is this a good thing?
  • Kelly Bryant talk continued with Conner Happer and Enrique Alvarez-Clary