Cryptocurrency just got more real—its sponsoring an NBA arena

-FTX is now the sponsor of the Miami Heat’s arena, officially announced on Tuesday

-How tuned in is Sip to cryptocurrency?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels and Joe)

-What were the most impressive things you saw at Nebraska’s Pro Day yesterday? Any NFL scouts in attendance?

-What’s your expectation for amount of Nebraska players getting drafted this year?

-What’s your favorite storyline so far from March Madness?

Who is Nebraska football’s version of Steve Alford

-Dan Dakich made some interestign comments about who he wants to fill the Indiana head coaching vacancy…he wants Nevada Head Coach Steve Alford. His reasoning sounded a lot like Nebraska fans’ reasons for Scott Frost.

-Given the similarities of the two programs, who would be the Nebraska football equivalent of Steve Alford? Turner Gill? Kevin Steele? Craig Bohl?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-What were the biggest stories out of Nebraska’s Pro Day yesterday?

-What goes through your mind when you see terms like Abilene Christian and Oral Roberts winning NCAA Tourney games (and Rutgers), and still nothing for Nebraska?

-If the B1G allows fans for baseball games, how will they determine capacity, or will they leave that to schools to decide? What about football?

Nebraska’s Pro Day has come and gone…is there hope of any players getting their name called in late April?

-DiCaprio Bootle ran a fast 40 time, so maybe he’ll get a bump from that…since there are no Combine numbers to use at all

-Nebraska has 4 drafted players over the previous 4 years, and no picks earlier than day 3. It’s been a well-documented struggle…is there hope that the spell will be bettered soon?

-Numbers from guys at Pro Day..