Cary Cochran (Former Nebraska Shooting Guard)

-After over 20 consecutive conference losses, is the addition of Derrick Walker enough to move the needle for a much maligned Husker Men’s basketball team.

-How much impact will the suspension of practice and games be for this Husker squad?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebraska is 0-4 in B1G play and on a 21-game losing streak in conference play dating back to last hard is it to get that kind of monkey off your back?

-Do you believe Fred Hoiberg’s system is going to be effective in the B1G or does he need to evolve?

-How hard is it to recruit quality shooters to a Power 5, D1 basketball team?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebrasketball went 0-2 last week with a rough loss to Georgia Tech and another big loss to Creighton…what was your assessment?

-Does Creighton look like a team that can go far this year in the NCAA Tournament? What about Iowa?

-Do you believe Fred Hoiberg can ever eventually make Nebraska a consistent Top 25 team?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebrasketball played Georgia Tech last night in the B1G/ACC Challenge…what did we learn?

-How does Nebraska stack up against Creighton for tomorrow’s game?

-We thought the B1G was really good at hoops coming into the season..but is it even better than we thought?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebrasketball is 3-1 on the season with a close loss to Nevada … what are your first impressions?

-Does this look more like a Fred Hoiberg squad?  And can it win in the Big Ten consistently?

-What does a 3-point shooter like yourself think about seeing Nebraska have games of 41 attempted 3s?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Cary was a 90% free throw shooter in his days at Nebraska…how exactly would he explain a D1 program like Nebraska going 8 for 30 on free throws in yesterday’s loss to Northwestern, and having those problems all year?

-Does a 14 game losing streak give you any questions about Fred’s coaching abilities or are you still convinced that once his guys are all able to play next year, this year will be forgotten?

-How important is it for Nebraska to land in-state players and from the surrounding states for the program?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebrasketball has lost 9 straight games…as a former player, how much does that affect your daily life?

-It felt like Nebraska might let the season fade, but they played great against Maryland…can they build off that?

-What should fans expect from the team next year?

Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Nebraska has losses this year to North Dakota, UC-Riverside, and Southern Utah… but somehow finds themselves at 2-2 in conference play. How is that possible?

-What should Nebraska do with Jervay Green at this point in terms of playing time? And thoughts on Charlie Easley in his role as a true freshman walk on

-Northwestern isn’t a great team, but neither is Nebraska. An idea of what to expect tomorrow in Evanston?


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Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-How do you describe what happened for the team from the Creighton game to what happened last weekend against Indiana and Purdue?

-Cam Mack gets the first triple-double in the history of the men’s program against good is this guy?

-Nebraska gets a commitment from JUCO star Teddy Allen, but decommitment from Donovan Williams..