Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): Full Hour

-Thoughts on the Iowa football program and what happens there next…should anything happen to Ferentz?

-Sip has an idea for kids who make verbal commitments to programs…do Jake and Nicole agree with him?

-Thoughts on the NBA’s plan to come back July 31 in Orlando with 22 teams?

-How will Nicole, Sip and Jake react if the MLB doesn’t come back at all this year? How bad do they look now?

-Assignments for the week….and what to do to survive the current heat wave?

-Final thoughts/things we missed…

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The Early Break Golf Course Tour continues with….Lakeside Golf Club in Elwood!

-This was Jake’s first time ever playing the course…what did he think? What questions does Sip have?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Erik Gustafson (Adventure Golf Center and participant on ABC’s “Holey Moley”)

-Erik was recently on ABC’s “Holey Moley” show (hosted by Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle) and was the champion of his appearance…how did he get on the show and what was the experience like?

-It looked like there was a crowd there…when was this all done and filmed? How long does the show go for?

-How much did being an owner of a mini putt course help you? How much did you practice for it?

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Scott Frost likes the way his team has operated since COVID affected spring football and that he’s seeing leaders developed…will that be apparent when we see football return?

-Scott Frost’s teams have been underwhelming so far, with a 9-15 record in his time with the program. But he told Sip on Friday that he is impressed with what he’s heard of the players doing away from the facilities the past few month, and that leaders are developing

-This is obviously something you’d hope to see in the third year of a head coach—that his team would start to show they are building something, and getting over the issues from previous regime(s). Are you optimistic that this will be evident when (if) there are games this Fall?

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